I pray that you will see the beauty in this world.
Believe that you can make it more beautiful.


I want to continue seeing the world as beautiful,
even as the ugly seems to gain power.

I want to make the choice for people and possibilities,
not label according to what has been or what is expected.

My past doesn’t define me–you are not bound by your own.

He uses us, if we are willing, to light up dark places–
to bring back beauty.

I wrote that first phrase back in November.

Today I had the urge to go back and read it again–read it like I was reading it for the first time.

I believe that He is the only one who can use us–use me, use you–to make things beautiful.
But I need to learn to rest in Him.  Truly rest.

I need to live like I believe that He can–and will–carry me.  

I want to live that out so that others around me see it too.
and live believing that He will turn me into something beautiful.




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