The weekend.
Why only two days?

After the craziness that was December the last few months of the year, we’re being intentional about family time.
Intentional was definitely in the running as our family word–but Andy deemed it too long.

So grace is perfect for us.  And so was this past weekend.



This Saturday marked the first day of swimming lessons.  It was such a reminder of how much our little girl has grown–she was such a peanut when we ended classes last year!  We walked out of the locker room, and she started yelling, “water! water!” as she caught a glimpse of the pool: it made me tear up a bit, taking time to notice how quickly she is growing up.
And what a precious gift to be her mommy.

Needless to say, I couldn’t stop smiling as I watched she and Andy practice kicking, floating, and splashing around the pool.
We need to move somewhere warm….



That is Harlow pretending to go “nigh-nigh” –looks awfully uncomfortable if you ask me!

While none of us have been plagued by the flu, thankfully, it has been clear that between a runny nose and teething, Harlow hasn’t been feeling quite 100%.  So we laid low, stayed in our pajamas, read a lot of books, and cuddled.  A lot.

deck IMG_3788 IMG_3809

We woke up Sunday morning to 70° weather.  No, we didn’t move to San Diego or Dallas.
Pittsburgh.  January.

Sun and seventy?  I’m all in.

Harlow couldn’t even wait to put pants on before she ventured out on the back deck.
I will gladly take more of this type of weather.
Please and thank you.


On Harlow | headband: Lou and Lee | shirt: 77 Kids | jacket: Target | jeans: Joe’s Jeans
| shoes: Rileyroos

I am loving the pace we are going at.  Intentional time and schedules–covered in heaping amounts of grace–has this year off to such an amazing start.

How was your weekend?  How do you prepare for the weekend ahead?  How does your family take time to rest?


{I owe you a text message or a phone call or an email–I’m trying to disconnect a bit over the weekend.  I will get back to you as soon as I can!}





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