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We’ve had a pretty laid back week–Harlow woke up with a fever yesterday.
But I won’t complain: we snuggled and cuddled and watched old musicals and Curious George.
She wouldn’t let me leave her side, and I didn’t want to.

We are dog-sitting sweet Lexi, a standard poodle.
Harlow absolutely loves snuggling up next to her and drawing her pictures.

You know how people say more than one child is sometimes easier than one?
I think having Lexi here is helping me understand what they mean.


Andy and I both love a beautiful design aesthetic and items that are unique.
Yes, we are the people who save for the crazy item with the crazy price tag just because it is unique and different.

But usually, we like to find hidden treasures on Craigslist, flea markets, and estate sales.
….and our house is always knee deep in a handful of projects, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I love finding new designs, tools, ideas, and art: I love sharing these discoveries even more.
A friend once told me I needed to start something like “Kacia’s Cool Finds of the Week,”  but I never got around to it.

So I figure now is as good a time as any to begin!

a| I’m not the best at decorating for each season: I finally put up decorations for Christmas.  I decided if I do every other holiday this year, I can pick up the ones I missed this year in 2014.  {I can also buy things on clearance: win win!}   for Valentine’s day, and I might just need to go pick them up!

b| Um. Giveaway alert: and .

c| I am kind of a Yankee Candle snob–I’ll use my Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupons without shame to purchase those bad boys for a bit of a discount.  But then I found these: #TargetDoesItAgain.  Run to your nearest Target.  No, they are not paying me to tell you this.

d| Andy had to go fix the Science Center’s Rockin’ Robot a few nights ago–he makes me all sorts of proud.

e| We made theses the other evening, but my photos don’t do it justice: so delicious.  We will be making them again soon!

f| Andy found a bunch of our left over wedding designs: we spent hours creating save the date cards, programs, and invitations.  I know have all sorts of ideas brewing about how to display some of these, which I will share when I decide on a way!  But seeing them made me think of this crazy talented lady.

g| I posted a sneak peek at the Gloriana Scarf in a slew of gorgeous colors!  I put so much heart into each one I make and send out–but before it gets too cold, I think we need to do another giveaway.  So be sure to subscribe here or here, so you don’t miss out when I announce it!

h| I am sort of in love with this , but I don’t wear any of the coats I have as it is, so I won’t be purchasing it.  womp womp.  Also? I wish I could afford –anyone find one similar?  Let’s play a game: who can find the look for less??

And I’ll end with because it’s Harlow’s favorite letter.

Each day, we do this puzzle at least 5 times.
She will only put the H in last–and usually it’s about 30 minutes after the puzzle has been waiting to be completed.

She’ll pretend it’s a phone.
She’ll show it to the doggies.
She’ll even hide it in a purse or container.

Even if I try to hand it to her mid way through?  She looks at me like I am a crazy-lady, puts it in her other hand and picks up a different letter.
Particular much?
She is so. my. daughter.

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Happy Friday, loves!  Please don’t forget about our challenge!

And because I can’t stop thinking about this quote:
To love another person is to see the face of God.

go love. xo.


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