I am one typically driven and tasked with the to-do list.
All of my should-be-accomplished.
All of the should-have-been-done-yesterday.

I struggle leaving the list behind.

Of course, since I make the list, there are definitely days I give myself a pass on the dusting, laundry, or floors.
Probably far too often, if I’m honest with myself.

But the fact is: no matter what I’m doing or ignoring, the list is on my mind.

The problem with said list is that even the avoidances become a distraction.
Occupying my mind.  Cluttering my thoughts.


I’m one that is not so great at getting cards in the mail.
That isn’t an excuse–it’s something I’m working on.

Cards will be written–sometimes for weeks–but I struggle with the address-stamp-mailbox steps.
Like I said: something I am working on.


Each morning after “break-bis” {translation: breakfast} Harlow and I read books, work on puzzles, and color.
I’m working to leave the list behind.

I want my daughter and husband to see that they come way before the list.
Dust I can live with.  But love is something I need to show and share.

I’m failing more than I am succeeding–but I’m learning.


One thing I’m excited about over these next three weeks is
the encouragement to Share the Love.

Those cards I like to write and never send?
I am making an effort to send them.

The gifts I have half finished?

The ideas of baking and delivering cookies to our neighbors?
Watch out neighbors.

Challenging y’all to join me in the challenge to change the lives of children through the Kidmia Foundation?
Even if you can’t give today, be sure to sign up so your online shopping gives you the opportunity to give in the future!


I’m super excited for my date with Andy tonight!  I sure love that man.
What are your plans for this weekend?

oh! I’ve had people asking me to share where I get some of Harlow’s wardrobe.  I was sharing with someone the other day, as an artist, I love encouraging her creativity with fun clothing combinations and quirky style.
Plus, she is just too darn cute!

Harlow is wearing one of her many pairs of Hanna Andersson pajamas: we love them! Here are a few of my current favorites–click to view more details! xo.




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