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Last year on my birthday, I think I listed out 27 things I wanted to do throughout the year.
27 goals: what was I thinking?

I honestly need to wait before looking at that list, I’m sure I stuck to about 5 of them!
My new year’s resolution this year was to shower every day.
Yup.  Nope.

I’ve decided to make three really simple goals for the months of February and March: goals to form habits.
Yes, I realize that these goals are kind of lame, but it’s all about baby steps, right?

These will be my Quarter 1 Goals–bringing some corporate America into my mom-life.  In April, May and June, I’ll continue or create new goals, depending on how these are going.  {For example, I may keep one goal I am struggling with, but and two different goals to that one.}

1 | Prepare a plan for the week on Sunday and tweak each night before.  Nothing extravagant, but activities and meals and chores for each day.

2 | Get out of the house daily.  A walk, an errand, lunch date: anything.  Just get out.  I know it is something both Harlow and I need.  Maybe I’m squeezing two goals into one–but I’d like to look like someone who is planning on leaving the house…not like I just left yoga class.  Because, well, I haven’t gone to yoga since before Harlow was born!  Mascara and none-yoga pants. <– that’s a good goal, right?

3 | Wake up before Harlow.  I am someone who would never sleep if I didn’t need to.  I just don’t really like it.  So I tend to be a night owl…but also try to be an early bird–I usually end up exhausted.  Harlow has started sleeping in like a champ, and well, I’ve gotten lazy.  {One excuse: it’s so cold and under the covers is pretty comfortable and warm!}  But I am someone who desperately needs time alone each day–if it’s the way I start my day? Even better.  Harlow wakes up to a happy hearted mama: when mama’s happy? Everyone is happy.

So there you have it!  My baby steps for the next few months–care to join me?

What are your small goals?  What are your big dreams?

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