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1| I’m definitely wearing this shirt um, a lot.  Each morning it’s clean, I do a quick rundown of the people I will see that day, and I ask myself: “Did they see me wearing this shirt last time they saw me?”  If the answer is no, you better believe that I put this shirt back on–thankfully it’s versatile, and I’m having a lot of fun combining it with different options.

2|  I’m ready for my bangs to grow out.  Stat.  Are there any vitamins, conditioners, or magic words that can make this happen?  Please share.

3|  God’s timing is perfect.  More on that later.

4|  I’m designing my tattoo–well, this girl is–thanks to all of you.  Mom, it’s not my faultit’s all the love and big hearts.

5|  I am a scaredy cat when it comes to lipstick, but I might take the plunge.  {I blame you, Kate!}

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stripes | StitchFix // pink | Madewell {similar} // blazer | Banana Republic {similar} //
second day hair | yours truly


This week has been full of some fun posts, fashion shows, giveaways, stories, and celebrations.

Now I just need about ten more hours each day for all the projects and ideas I have brewing.  OY.


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