Yesterday we lunch with a dear friend–she is an extension of our family.  I asked her a question I find myself asking, after a good belly laugh with my college roommate.  Back in our cramped little dorm room, Elizabeth asked me what meal my mom would make over the upcoming break that I was most looking forward to.  I replied, “salmon on the grill.”  I swear Elizabeth laughed for 15 minutes straight–I sure as heck couldn’t figure out why!  She laughed as she explained that she didn’t think her family had ever eaten that for a meal, so I returned the question to her.  She replied some some Italian sausage-meatball-pasta dish that my family had probably never really had before for a meal.

I love how we are all so different.

So yesterday, I asked her what her favorite meal was upon being home the previous week on spring break.  When she answered, “homemade mac’n’cheese,” I knew she really, truly, was family.


I also find it interesting chatting with other moms about ages and stages they look forward to, dread, are surprised by, nervous about, etc.  In fact just last night, a friend and I decided we should probably swap children, as I love the newborn-3 months stage and now am absolutely swooning about 16 months until 2–and she prefers the months in between.

Fascinating, I tell ya.

Well, if you were to spy in our front windows–as many sort of do, because I’m awful at closing the blinds–you would see a lot of laughter, dancing, singing, coloring, stacking, and reading.

There is something about this age–Harlow’s personality shining through and her mind soaking up everything like a sponge.  It makes me thankful for grace when I get too frustrated as her mommy, and overjoyed with the abundance of love He gives us all.

Each day is more and more of a reminder to me that she is His child, and I pray each day I am showing her that I am His child, too.

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// Wear Love



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