Two days I hopped on a plane to Texas.  I cried after dropping Harlow off at a dear friend’s house, and then I arrived at the airport.
After an interesting cab ride… a story for another time.

And as much as I still miss Andy and Harlow, can I just say that flying without a toddler is a vacation in and of itself.  WOW.

One of my bests picked me up at the airport, we enjoyed a late dinner and wine–chatted until last call and we realized that we are the same human being, essentially.

We enjoyed a fun Thursday morning, thinking of all the reasons we need to move to Dallas, a quick shopping trip to LuLuLemon {sorry Andy!}–and well, I already miss Kristen, Dave and Olive a ton.

I left them to begin a crazy weekend at Blissdom!  I’m so honored and excited to be a StitchFix VIP–and last night I wore this fun little number!  {I might be wearing it again this weekend–so if you’re at Blissdom, be sure to find me wearing it and nab a photo!}  Throughout the weekend there will be more ways for a chance to win $100 of StitchFix credit–with a grand prize of $1000 StitchFix credit–and I’ll be sharing details throughout the weekend on instagram and twitter!


I’ll be wearing StitchFix throughout the entire weekend–these will be a few of the outfits I’ll be sporting throughout the weekend!



IMG_6252 IMG_6250

If you’re here at Blissdom, please come say hi!  I tend to be a bit nervy and introverted in situations like these!  I’m trying!





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