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If you’ve ever seen our family out on a walk, you probably noticed our .  Besides being a color that hopefully helps the crazy drivers notice us as we cross the street, people also tend to comment about how high my sweet girl sits.

You’d think I told them why we saved up and purchased it.

We fell in love with Stokke’s passion for children to be engaged with the world from an early age.  The Stokke stroller allows Harlow to engage with people we see on the sidewalk, at the coffee shop, the grocery store–anywhere we go.

I’ve said numerous times how much we love living in the city–the ability to walk where we want to go, being a one car family, living close to our neighbors–we love it.  Yet, I’ve also mentioned numerous times how much I struggle with the cold.  Pittsburgh is a great city, but it can be a bit dreary! {especially as of late!}  Now that we have a winter kit , it means my hands stay warm as Harlow stays bundled as well.   As you can clearly see, she doesn’t seem to mind the cold at all–she is her father’s daughter!  I, for one, am always cold!

 And well, I’m going to stop my rambling and let the photos do the talking.  I don’t think it’ll take long for you to see how much Harlow loves being outside–no matter how cold!

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It is so important to me that we are able to get out and enjoy these days together, as I observe her interactions and smiles and “hello!” to everyone we meet.  And hey, if having a means that we get to meet more of our neighbors and tell them hello?

That is okay with me.



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