Before you read any further, I want to make one thing very clear: I am not becoming a hair blogger or fashion blogger.  Yup, nope.  Still dorky, Nordic Kacia on a quest to encourage and maybe make y’all smile.  And, if for one hot second, you think that I’m taking myself oh-so-seriously with this hair tutorial, then please view the photo below.


Okay.  Now that we have that out of the way, I give you my No Heat Curls Tutorialotherwise known as “Go to Bed Looking like Lady Liberty.”
That’s what Andy calls me when I crawl into bed.  Y’all, tell him to be nice.

I often put these curls in Sunday night after a shower and letting my hair air dry–what better way to start your week than with easy hair that takes little effort.  And because they help put a smile on my face when I feel put together and more ready for the day {one of my goals for this quarter!} you might find me posting a quick photo to instagram, which has sparked the requests for this tutorial.
Okay.  Enough with the rambling, I shall get on with it!



Place a thick cotton headband around the top of your hair–over your hair.


Starting on one side of your head, take a small piece of hair, pull it over and down through the headband


I think it helps to think about grabbing additional hair as you would a french braid.  Take another small portion of hair, along with the hair you’d pulled through and do the same: over the headband, through, and down.


Be careful not to pull the hair framing your face too tight–you want the hair to curl, not leave a crease.


Start the same process on the other side, meeting in the back center.


Continue the same over the headband, through, and pull down at the back of your head.  As you reach the end of your hair, collect it into one section and wrap around the headband.  Tuck the remaining hair and loose ends in.


Either sleep with the headband and take it out in the morning, or put the headband in first thing in the morning, hit it with a hairdryer a few times, and remove it in the afternoon/evening.  Remove the headband by pulling the top, free portion, and gently tugging it and removing the wrapped pieces.  Be careful removing the hair in the back, if you’ve slept in the headband all night.

additional photos & instruction slideshow



If you have straight bangs, pull them out of the headband, as shown.


 shirt {similar} | jeans // {in outfit above} sweater {similar} belt

A few additional thoughts–from a nonprofessional.  

If you need an expert, Kate’s your gal.
I’m a hack.

1| My hair is naturally straight.  Stick straight.  I put a little product in my hair, let it dry, and spray it with a little hairspray before crawling into bed.

2| You should probably also know that I would give anything to say “ugh.  My hair is just HUGE today–so annoying how much volume I have today.”  Nope.  I would give anything to rock an afro every day of the year.  Yes, I’m living believing that the grass in greener in curly-hair land.

3| I think it’s important to test these curls on a night where you’ll have time to change your hairstyle quickly if they don’t turn out.

4| This technique doesn’t result in a perfect, curling iron curl.  I usually have to touch up a few sections–usually in the back–with a curling iron.

5| Some days it will turn out better than others.  I am not responsible for your bad hair day.  But I will totally rejoice with you when you have a great one! 

and pssst! I know I have bangs and then they instantly grew out.  I know, I know.  It took me a while to get this post up–grace is my word of the yearremember?

Let me know how your no-heat, headband curls turn out! Be sure to tag me {@CoconutRobot on the instagram or twitter if you post a photo!}


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