Two days ago we woke up to snow on the ground.
Apparently there was a rain storm in the middle of the night as well, but I was sleeping hard.

Four days ago we went for a walk and it was pushing 80 degrees.
Yesterday the day began at not quite 25.


I remember when Harlow was just a few days old, and people kept telling me, “remember every moment, soak it all up–it only gets better.”

I remember days I figured I must be doing something wrong–this wasn’t getting better, I felt more clueless, more unsure.
No guidebook or sleep-book or food-book or anything-baby-book can really prepare you for everything motherhood entails.

There are days that feel like winter, weeks that feel like summer, months that relate to autumn, and others that remind me of spring.


Harlow has become an overflowing bundle of love, giving out butterfly kisses as often as she can.
The effort she exerts for each blink of her eyes makes my heart swell with love for her sweet soul.

We’ve been building a lot of towers these days, coloring a lot of pictures, baking new gluten free goodies–thanks to this galjust spending time together.
She feels like an old friend.


Before I know it she’ll be glancing back at her crying mama as she climbs aboard the school bus, and I know the years will continue to speed ahead–each one seeming to be a few blinks less.

I often think about seasons–why do we have them?  Why the changes?  Why the cold, the clouds, the sun, the rain, the flowers and blossoms.

I think about our Creator and that He let’s us ask, “why?”  No choice was an afterthought, no creation a mistake.

Spring is just 5 days away.
In five days, Harlow will be 5 days older, as will I, as will Andy….as will we all.

In these last five days of winter, I’m asking Him to help me not to rush into spring.  I want to experience the season of winter in its fullness–ready and prepared for newness of spring.

These are seasons to me.

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Happy Friday!



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