blows the dust away

puts some aloe on the sunburned shoulders

{realize how out of shape I became over the winter as we take multiple walks per day this spring}

I’ve been a bit more quiet over here in this corner for the past few weeks–thanks for being patient and letting me be quiet.

I’d love to tell you a story, is that okay?

You see, I have this wise friend.  I talk about her a lot: when I’m chatting with moms and friends from church, my neighborhood, Moms Club, wherever!  I describe her as a beautiful young mom with the wisdom of a 90 year old woman.  She is wise beyond her years.

We were talking a few weeks back about the challenge and conviction I’ve been feeling to be more intentional about living in my community.  My physical community.
My neighborhood.
My city.
My church.
My sidewalk, backyard, front step, and kitchen table.

As we were talking and kids were making noise in the background, she said something that resonated and hasn’t left my mind.  I won’t get it perfect, but the essence is this:

With all the technology and toys that we have today, we could not only talk on the phone constantly, but also text, Skype, Facetime, email, etc.  Even beyond that, our children could also become close friends because of the technology we have.  These things aren’t bad.  (In fact, both of us have family living far away, and I am so very thankful for the technology we have to talk face to face.)

But, she told me, you would be doing me a disservice as my friend if you weren’t pushing and encouraging me to meet my neighbors, to ask them to dinner, and to engage in my community.  And the same goes for me encouraging you to engage in yours.  

I began journaling and thinking about this challenge quite a bit.  It was followed up with more conversations that solidified my convictions even more.

Andy and I intentionally moved to this neighborhood–our community–to be a part of this community.  Yet we’ve not taken the time to slow down and do just that.  Sure, we did in some ways, but we want to invest more.

So I’m still here. *waves hello!*  And thank you for letting me breathe more of the outside air than I have in a while.  (I am crying for you, Minnesotans.  My sister sends me photos of the snow and it truly makes me cringe! Yikes!)

I’m excited to share as I work through this challenge and change. But in between the posts, you’ll find me trying to slow the pace a bit more.  It’s a daily challenge and a daily choice.  It’s so easy to continually push until tomorrow, but I don’t want to look back and see what I’ve missed.

I’d rather slow down now to enjoy it.




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