Emotionally, it has been a rough week.  A good week, however.  A week that reveals just how weak I am: how in need of His strength I am in every area of my life.  He provides such wonderful gifts, but it’s so easy for me to carryout my day and choose to miss them.

The sun.  The weather.  Waking up to birds chirping–and the occasional cell-phone-screamer-waiting-for-the-bus-at-3-am noise.
It was a pipe dream to try sleeping with our windows open last night.  City living.

Andy and his patience, his love for me.  His hugs.  Just him.  Taking time to say “work can wait,” so that we can spend time together.

Friends.  The park.  Family.

Harlow and her personality.  Over the past few weeks, I think every day is full of 100 new things–at a minimum.  Her humor, her care.  Her question of “mommy o-tay?” as she sees me crying once more.

Her hugs.  Her butterfly kisses.  They are cry healers.

My Lord.  He is constant.  He is sure.  And my early mornings of reading and talking with Him are what I go to bed excited for.  He is good.


Harlow’s dance moves are pretty spectacular, and her piggy tails I absolutely cannot get enough of.

And with that my computer will go to sleep for the rest of the day, so we can go walk and play and soak up some much needed vitamin D.



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