{My thoughts and prayers are for Oklahoma today.  I’m devastated and heartbroken watching the news.  I am thankful for the lives preserved, and mourning the loss of those lost.  I wish words were enough to take away the damage and mend what’s been broken.}


Over the past few months, we’ve been enjoying a ton of family time.  Immediate family, extended family, friends-who-feel-like-family: just a whole lot of awesome family. 

Harlow and I have especially been spoiled on Thursday mornings!  Andy’s schedule shifted a bit, teaching the unusual night class that evening, which frees him up Thursday mornings for time with us.

We wouldn’t have it any other way!  

We definitely miss him at dinner and bedtime, but the memories we’ve made during those mornings have been priceless.  It’s not very often we get him home on a weekday morning!

A few weeks ago, we ventured to our neighborhood Wendy’s to try their new Frosty Waffle Cone!  I’d heard about this new treat and knew I’d have a little kid and a husband on cloud nine!  Needless to say, I was too!!

One unexpected gift of motherhood is learning how to not take advantage of small bits of excitement and joy.  Harlow gets completely overjoyed each time we return home to “puppy!!!,” every time she is about to get a “treeeeeat!!!,” and even yogurt! Daddy! PopPop! MorMor! And all of her other doting family members.

Our trip to Wendy’s was no exception.  The entire way there, Harlow chanted “ice keem.  ice keem! ice keem!” over and over.  And that excitement didn’t end upon receiving her Frosty treat!  

It is a small, yet powerful, reminder that we can make the most of these small memories as a family.  We just need to take a moment to put aside our busyness, our lists, our schedule and rules to say, we’re going to do something special. 

It doesn’t need to be expensive.  It doesn’t need to be lengthly.  It can be small and simple.  It can be daily or one time only.

But it does require the love and time to make it happen.  To be present in the moment.  To smile and laugh even if the world seems to be crumbling in so many other areas. 


My to-do list was long that morning–it always is–but I put it aside for this moment.  And I’m working to put it aside more often.  To take notice of the tiny, taking time to share in the small joys of others around us.  And also sharing joy with others around me too.


And that just might mean buying a few Frosty Waffle Cone treats for unsuspecting strangers who cross paths with our “ice keem” loving family.  We want to spread this memory-making around.

So watch out. 

And here are a few more photos from our Frosty Waffle Cone adventure!

What little adventures do you take with loved ones to make memories?  Do you have a favorite summer treat that you enjoy together?  We will be making Frosty Waffle Cones a regular staple during our river walks this summer!
I can’t wait.






*This post is sponsored by Wendy’s.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  Harlow’s excitement is genuine, too.*



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