Last night I was exhausted before dinner even began.  I don’t think my body is used to being outside 90% of my waking hours in 70°-85° sunny weather.  Don’t get me wrong: I am not complaining.  

But last night I also knew that I was exhausted and on my own until well after Harlow’s bedtime.  It’s evenings without Andy that make me all the more thankful for him.

Little did I know that Harlow would gift me one of the sweetest moments of her little nearly-two year old life.  After dinner and Facetiming with some family, we kissed the puppy goodnight and headed upstairs to clean up, brush our “teef,” read stories, and sing.  She was her sweet little spunky self as we danced while brushing our teeth with the “meenty” toothpaste.  She ran to pick out her own pajamas and didn’t put up a fight while changing.  After reading a few stories, she reached for her Children’s Storybook Bible and asked for it to be read next.

But the moment last night that almost brought this mama to tears was as we stood up and sang together.  Harlow knows how to wrap her arms around my neck and squeeze as close to me as she physically can.  But last night I held her like she was a little baby and as I started singing “Jesus loves me,” as I do every time, she tried to sing along.  I sang it again, but this time stopping after a few words–allowing her to repeat it back to me.


That’s it.  That’s my small moment that I don’t want to forget.  The way she said “yes” so boldly before singing sweetly “Jesus yov-fs me.”  The way she asked for us to sing it again and again.  The way she says “mommy o-tay mommy?” when she sees a tear fall down my face because I can’t believe this precious gift is mine to care for.


These tiniest of moments are the ones I don’t want to forget.




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