I told a friend the other day that one of the unexpected perks of our stroller is that it has become such a conversation piece.  I’ve met some of my dearest friends because of that crazy, bright red thing!

I love unexpected conversations with unexpected people. 

I knew that the Mason Bar Company created the most elegant and well designed mason jar tumblers I had found, but what surprised me the most was how quickly people noticed what I had noticed about them!  They are so beautifully designed: clean, simple, user friendly.

I rarely go anywhere anymore without one, and more often than not, someone is stopping me to ask where I found it!  {I’ve been writing down “COCONUTROBOT” for them as well, because that will save you 20% through the end of this month!  I can tell you that my cart is filling up quickly–these make the best gifts!}

I try to stay away from plastic when possible, but glass plus toddlers isn’t always the best combination!  What I love about Bobbi’s solution–she is the genius and gem behind the Mason Bar Company–is that mason jars are tough and mason jars can be replaced.  So many glass water bottles tend to break the bank….and then end up breaking, but a mason jar?  Easy to find and easy to replace!  Although mine have taken quite a few tumbles, and I have yet to replace a jar!

If you have mason jars and don’t need anymore?  Purchase the tumbler lids in the size and straw color of your choosing.  I love the Mason Jar sizes found in their shopthis one and this one are my absolute favorites!

Harlow and I thought it would be fun to round up a few of our neighborhood friends and head on over to Randyland for a morning of adventure, exploring, and green smoothies, of course.


And now you can enter to win 3 Mason Bar Tumblers {You choose the sizes!}

Don’t forget to order this month, so you can save 20%! Use ‘COCONUTROBOT‘ at checkout!
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