Happy Friday!  Today I’m asking y’all to help a girl out.  If you follow me on instagram, you’ve probably quickly realized my love for designing and creating.  I stay awake at night thinking about what I could try, what hasn’t been done, or what I maybe want to reinvent in some way.

Lately?  I cannot stop quilting.  I can’t stop won’t stop.

In between quilting for new babies and friends, I’ve been working on a new blanket for my sweet Harlow London girl.  Sometimes I feel like I am becoming a shoemaker, so I’m working on making special projects for my own family — as well as others!

I’m rambling a bit, but here is the deal.  I am completely and totally indecisive about how I want to finish constructing her blanket!  This quilt isn’t too large, but a perfect blanket that will be hers.  Right now she is using the blanket my amazing mom made me.   I want that blanket to be one that each of our children can use, and a special one for each of them as well!  I love all of these scraps and colors we pulled together for Harlow’s blanket — she even helped me pick out a few of them!

I think in my gut, I might know already which design is my favorite, but I’m struggling to make the plunge and just do it!  I honestly hate when I can’t make up my mind, so it’s driving me crazy!  I even tried the trick my big sis, Bri, would use on me when I couldn’t decide between two dresses, two tops… two whatever!  She would hold out both of them and make me choose one.  She would then hand me that garment and say, “okay.  You made your choice!”  And then one of two things would happen!

  • I would completely agree.  Yup! That is the one I knew in my gut that I wanted all along.


  • I would know in my gut that it was really the other one I wanted — the thought of leaving without didn’t sit right.

Try it.  It works!

But for some odd reason–maybe because I have three options?  Perhaps because my little sis and I totally disagree about which one I should choose?  I’m not sure. — I cannot, cannot, make up my mind.

So here is the deal…


The quilt is a triangle quilt, {dun dun dunnnn Captain Obvious, I know.} but I want to switch up about 1/3 of the quilt.  Depending on the orientation, it would be the right third or the bottom third of the quilt.


The first option {above photo} is for the triangles to rotate for a small section — the rotated section almost creates it’s own larger triangle, if that makes sense. :/


The second option {above photo} is for the small section to still be rotated, but with an added stripe.  Perhaps you like this one, but hate the mint colored stripe?

What color stripe would you choose?


The third option {above photo} keeps the stripe, but rotates the triangle pattern 180°, so the patterns/solids switch places.

See what I mean about the larger triangle that section creates?  Each of the options are consistent in that regard!

Okay!  Time for you to let me know what you think.  1, 2, or 3?


And if your vote isn’t in the majority, please leave a comment to let me know what you think!  I’m honestly not sure which one I’m going to choose at this point — I’m kind of leaning towards one, but that has changed 4 times already today.

I know.  I told y’all I was being completely indecisive!!  help!


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