Harlow and I have been singing celebration songs all day because DADDY COMES HOME TODAY.

I have had such a fun week with my favorite little gal, but wow do I miss my best friend.  Evenings are definitely the most difficult — and I’m just so thankful for so many dear friends who have not just invited Harlow and I over, but insisted we come, have dinner, and even spend the night.

<<<<<<<< :: >>>>>>>>

I really want to have more plants inside.  I don’t have a green thumb by any means, but I have tomatoes successfully ripening, basil that is out of control, and my front garden of flowers doesn’t look too bad.  I currently obsessing over this, this, and this.


Harlow has been busy crafting away — now if only her mama would get her act together and get them sent out….


We went and met some new friends on Thursday.  And they have “chi-chins.”  Harlow and I are both swooning, and I’m back on my read-everything-and-obsess-about-coop-designs-and-chicken-breeds kick.  Oh chickens.  Someday.  My favorite book about those cute things.  And coops.  love. love. love.


Harlow spent about 30 minutes before dinner just curled up on the couch reading.  I’ve found after nap until bedtime has been the most difficult time for me with Andy gone, so this was a little gift she gave me.  I sat on the couch and read as well.  It was grand.  Her quilt, in case you missed how I finished it!  And some of our favorite books.


I stumbled upon some old photos of us.  From our honeymoon, near the Eiffel Tower and a few years ago at our favorite vacation.  They made me laugh and smile.  A few other things made me laugh this week:  this (albeit a little creepy…), this, this, and this was just. plain. awesome.

Also? I don’t think I’m truly able to portray just how hysterical Harlow London is, but I think the photo above helps give you just a little glimpse!


And well.  I realized I dressed us both in polka dots and we needed to remember it.  We also missed daddy/Andy a ton, and wanted to make him smile a little bit.


Happy Friday all!



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