This past week I hopped on a plane to work on an Infomercial for the Brother™ ScanNCut.  I’ll be sharing more about the sneak peeks I’ve shared the past few weeks over the course of the next few weeks!

While I was gone I, of course, was pestering Andy to send me photos and videos the entire time.  Getting little glimpses of my family keep me going while I was away — I had such a wonderful time filming, getting dolled up, and meeting new people, but goodness sakes, nothing beats coming home to family!

I swear Harlow grew 3 inches and her hair is twice as long as when I left!

>>>>>> <<<<<<


I was required to get a manicure for the shoot — shucks.  It was a very difficult assignment. :)


That’s a wrap!  Big smiles after 2 long days of filming! Be sure to check these gals out!  They will be sharing some amazing tutorials over the next few weeks — I was blown away by some of their projects!!

Erin Bassett // Julie Fei-Fan Balzer // Lorine Mason // Vanessa Vargas Williams // Liz Hicks // silly moi.


I decided that waking up to a  make up artist and hair stylist is pretty, stinking, awesome.


Harlow had such a good time with daddy, Mema and PopPop while mommy was away!  I loved getting this photo of her and Lulu at the park from Lulu’s momma!  I left a small gift for Harlow each day I was away — most of it was from the Target dollar bins, but after deciding a zoo trip was in order the day I flew out, I couldn’t could not pass up this.  Harlow loves it!


I had fun cutting out some leather tags and the incredible Julie worked her stencil magic on them.  Thanks to her, I want to stencil just about everything.


It’s fall.  I’m wearing boots and sweaters and loving it.  I felt like I needed to do an obligatory hotel-mirror shot, since the last time I did one of these…I was pregnant with Harlow!


Harlow loves taking photos, but she’s still hasn’t quite figured out how it all works.


I was exhausted and didn’t think I’d be up for the Time Square evening, but…well…I still sort of wish I hadn’t seen naked cowboy.  Tighty-whities in Time Square should be illegal.


I got my little nugget a few I ? NY shirts, but I couldn’t pass up this New York City subway map shirt as well!


Post Sunday afternoon naps, we spent the afternoon with some dear friends.  Harlow and Kacia are adorably precious.  I think they yelled, “I love you!!” about 50 times when Kacia had to go home!

I’m working with Wendy’s to share not only about their flatbread sandwiches, which are actually super delicious, but also to tell you about the $6,000 they are giving away each week for those who enter a video using vine or instagram.  We picked up a sandwich last Sunday, and had such a fun time making this short video!

You can make your own video and enter to win just by using the hashtag #6secondsflat — tag me, so I can watch as well! I’d love to see!  {Wendy’s provided us with a Chicken Flatbread Sandwich.  All opinions are my own.}

Linking up with Diana for her weekly Glimpses link-up.  I think I might be making this a regular thing!  I need to get better at documenting the little milestones and memories that I don’t want to forget!






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