There are so many–almost too many–small moments that I often forget will pass so quickly.  Cute mispronunciations become clear overnight, and I find myself wishing I had just listened harder before another all-too-quickly-becoming-a-kid-and-not-a-toddler-ism was checked off the ever growing list.

Thanks to a fun birthday party, Harlow has a kitty cat mask to accompany her daily morphing from toddler to kitten.  She is pretty amped.  Her two animals of choice are a kitty or a “ribbit”–never does she call herself a frog, just a ribbit.

And a giddy-up.  I don’t know if she’s the horse or the rider, but either way– it’s pretty darn cute.


And that curl.  I know I’m going to blink, and she’ll have hair long enough to braid.  I don’t want to forget that little curl.

Her ultra hip dad I suggested I added a fun kangaroo pocket to this little dress I threw together for her–he definitely knows his daughter and her love for pockets!  Given my current obsession with quilting, it had to be quilted, of course.  The inside is soft fleece, so I think she’s a fan.  The pocket might be her favorite part, but I’m still in love with the zipper detail on the back.


On Monday I was so honored to sell some custom Coconut Robot leather pacifier clips through Brickyard Buffalo.  If you haven’t heard of them — check them out!  They were incredibly generous to let us donate these items to sell–giving all the profits to the Stone family.  I  saw a few people commenting that they weren’t able to grab one before we sold out, so I wanted to let y’all know that they are still available here!

Be on the lookout for some fall and holiday items and new designs coming soon!  I will be working to finish up a quilt design for our quilt along as well!

Y’all are awesome.  or awesome! awesome! as my Harls loves to say. :)




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