or perhaps I should call this post, “baby it’s cold outside.”

I’m not ready for 40° in the morning.  Not.  Ready.  

In a perfect world, I would wake up in a room that feels like a warm car on a sunny, fall day.  The temperature would be around 70-75°…and it would stay that way all day.

Does this place exist?  Probably not, but I’ll continue believing that someone out there is experiencing this ideal weather pattern.  Oh, and sun every day.  No rain, but magical flowers in all the land.

This place exists.  I just know it.

As I write, I am sitting at the airport.
Thankful for free wifi, coffee, and in-laws.
Hopeful that my flight goes smoothly, Andy doesn’t hit terrible traffic on the way home, and that Harlow is a little two-year-old-angel while I’m away.
And I’m nervous.  Nervous about meeting new faces, yet excited.  Nervous about expectations for this week’s responsibilities, yet humbled and overjoyed that I get to be a part of it all.

I’m headed to the Big Apple-ish area to work on a little something that I’ve been hinting about here, here, and here.   Tutorials and more projects will be coming very, very soon!

I’m also dreaming up a halloween costume for Harlow.  My creative self is making this way more complicated than it needs to be, but I want it to be cute, comfortable, and something she can add to her dress-up clothes.  I’m completely and totally smitten with these–I mean.  Seriously.  

Okay.  So speaking of cold.  {Also, did you know that I start almost every sentence with “okay” when I’m nervous or busy thinking?  Andy teases me so much about it, which makes me laugh and accidentally say it even more.  I also totally use “Ummm” as a filler, so I can let my slow brain wheels spin a bit more to catch up with my mouth and “okay” just grounds me.  I don’t know, but it somehow works.  Or it’s super annoying — whatevs.}

So okay.  The cold!  Tomorrow we’ll giveaway something that I wish I had grabbed on my way out the door this morning!  Just because I wish I had one of mine right this very second.  Have you ever noticed that airports are either hot….or freezing? Today it’s frigid.  Yikes.  I need to stop complaining about temperatures.

So stay tuned tomorrow! 

Until then I will be enjoying a king sized bed all to myself and turning the heat up in my room as high as I want it. :)  But I will be missing these two nuggets like crazy!

andy and harlow


Pottery Barn has sponsored the link above.  It changes nothing for you — if you buy a costume or anything from there, I don’t receive any kick back.  That’s all.  I really do love these costumes though.  True Story. 



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