In grabbing photos for this post, I couldn’t help but stop and stare at the photos of my bald headed, chubby cheeked, baby Harlow.  I know everyone tells you how quickly the time goes, but it really, truly does.

Just last night, we had some of our dearest friends over for dinner.  We were celebrating the new life growing inside (already have had a few questions – not us! our dear Amanda! :), laughing at the goofball Harlow is, and just enjoying our long overdue time together.  Harlow was starting to teeter on the edge of hysterical and hysteria…so I knew I needed to bring the toddler up to bed.  Each night she typically has a new request, and last night she wanted me to hold her “like a baby” in the rocking chair.  As I held her and sang “Jesus loves me,” her little voice echoing the words, I realized just how not baby she really is.  Her long legs dangled down past my knees.  Her chubby baby rolls are gone, left are little muscular legs and skinny little arms.  Gone are her babbling googoos and gaga, and left are her sweet words and songs.  Gone is her perfectly round and bald head–now her strawberry blonde curls are growing like weeds.

Goodness.  I need to stop typing before I cannot see through the tears.  

I couldn’t help myself though, I thought maybe some of you were missing her sweet bald headedness, too. :)


Uftdah.  Pull yourself together, Kacia.

It’s no secret that I love making clothes and accessories for my little love.  (And so many of your little loves!)  I really do wish sometimes that I didn’t require sleep, because I’d be able to create so much more!


We’re not Halloween fanatics in this house, but I have found myself using it as a time to create something extra special.  Tomorrow I’ll be sharing a fun accessory for , but to prepare myself for that, I wanted to walk down memory lane a bit and remember what Harlow has dressed up as for the past 2 years!







what will 2013’s costume be?  I’m still trying to figure that out…fox? princess?  pirate?  

I need ideas!

check back tomorrow for a fun tutorial for a !


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