Harlow and I are loving this fall weather.  I love wearing long sleeves and lightweight sweaters, putting on slippers in the morning, and stepping into a car warmed to the perfect temperature from the sun just add to the autumn bliss.

One of my favorite things about fall is shopping for my toddler.  When I first had Harlow, my mom told me that I needed to start looking at Kohl’s more often, and well — I am so happy that she gave me that advice!  I am always so happy with what we find there!  And the prices cannot be beat.  So when we had the chance to go buy and show off a few of our favorite Carter’s finds at Kohlswe happily said yes.  


One of Harlow’s absolute favorites is her “Official Puppy Hugger” shirt.  I think this shirt was made just for her.  I’ve told her what it says enough that she knows and runs around chasing Wyler, all the while yelling, “puppy huggers! Puppy huggers!”

that girl.  


Harlow is a lanky gal.  She has long legs and long arms, and I sometimes have a difficult time finding clothing that fits her frame.  I adore this top from Carter’s — and so does she!  She’s been picking it out to wear quite often!


Harlow calls her little doll I made LowLo.  LowLo is the nickname my sister, Kaitlyn, made up for Harlow–last three letters of Harlow and the first two letters of London.  Harlow loves saying LowLo’s name — and I can’t wait to share more about her with you all soon!  Very soon! :)


I love this tunic we found so much — it’s definitely my favorite!  What I love about Kohl’s and Carter’s brand specifically is that they appeal to such a wide audience!  I tend to buy more neutral, less flowers-glitters-pink than some, and I love the pieces that we’ve found!  We buy almost all of our pajamas and basic tees and tops from Carter’s, and I’m always happily surprised at the quality, especially because their prices are so incredible!  Harlow’s hairbows are from here.


We love these shoes — they are perfect with or without socks, so they’ve been great as we transition to cooler weather!   Check out our favorite green smoothie and mason jar tumblers!


Here are a few more of our favorites!  I picked up a couple of these in larger sizes, so you’ll definitely see Harlow wearing them when they fit her!




I was provided a gift card to shop for Carter’s clothing at Kohl’s. My opinion cannot be bought.


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