Well y’all, I finished Harlow’s quilt!  I had so much fun hearing everyone’s opinion and perspective that it has me scheming how I could somehow do some sort of Choose Your Own Adventure: Quilt Edition.  I have no idea how I could do it..maybe come up with three options for each step, poll y’all and go with the majority?  Hmmmm.  Might have to give it a try — what do you think?

In case you missed my dilemma, I had originally decided upon one option, but then came up with 2 more…. only to then find myself stuck and crippled by indecision.  I wasn’t sure if deep down I knew which one I liked best….so I thought I would ask you all!

And let me just say — it was SO helpful!  I found myself nodding along with almost every opinion as I read them.  So many of the “this is why you should pick this option” echoed all the reasons I wavered between the options — each of them had positives that I really liked!

So first, let’s tally up the votes! Check out the options here.

Option 1: 14 votes

Option 2: 5 votes

Option 3: 16 votes


And while I didn’t go with the winner….. I went with Option 2!  Harlow loves it, and I love it, so we are happy, happy, happy!


I’m really excited to share some quilting tips and tutorials with you all soon — I’m working on a few completely new patterns and designs as well!

{I’m thinking about working on a quilt together — we will walk through fabrics, design, piecing, quilting, binding, and everything in between.  Is that something any of you would enjoy doing?  Send me an email or leave a comment!  Don’t be scared, okay?}


Lately, I can’t get enough of Harlow’s giggles: I really wish that I could attach a sound effect to this photo.  She has a real talent for laughing, making up new laughing sounds and expressions each day, she seriously keeps me in stitches.

Our new afternoon tradition involves painting, blowing bubbles, laughing and giggles galore, yelling “hi!” to every person walking by, fixin’ things, drinking green smoothies, and waiting for the best daddy ever to come home from work.

Lately, I wouldn’t want it any other way.




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