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It’s here! The ScanNCut is available for purchase on Amazon!  There will be two different versions available for purchase, as you can read more about here.  If you have a Brother dealer near by, I would highly recommend going to talk with them and see it in person!  But if that isn’t an option — or if you just can’t wait! — you know my Amazon Prime account gets a lot of use.  {yesterday my subscribe and save shipment was so heavy, I had to wait until Andy was home to move it from the backdoor! whoops!}

After using this machine for a few months now, I thought I’d share a few of my thoughts!

  • I love the endless-options I’ve felt since receiving my ScanNCut.  As I’m watching it draw or cut one project, my mind is already wandering to more.  I’ve cut paper, veneer wood, quilting fabric, jersey fabric, leather, cardboard, and vinyl.
  • I truly believe this is a machine that expert quilters to the most beginner crafters would love and enjoy!
  • My hands-down, favorite feature is the ability to scan in a drawing or my writing or a doodle — voila.  It’s now an applique for a quilt or vinyl labels or a new pattern or….see?  endless options.  Check out these gorgeous pop-up cards using that feature.
  • It is small.  It doesn’t need to be attached to your computer or take up a lot of desk space.
  • There are various combinations of mats and blades to use for each type of material you are working with.  Keeping a chart of best combinations and materials will save you tons of time as you work.
  • As someone who hates wasting material, it has a wonderful feature that allows you to scan in the material before you cut, so you don’t have to rely on measuring/guessing.
  • It is incredible easy to use — I promise.

I’ve worked to create a few tutorials using the ScanNCut, and I’ll be sharing them with you over the next few weeks.

Disclaimer: I’m nervous as heck to share this video with you all!  I don’t enjoy watching myself in videos, so this is a big step for me.  Yes, I might be shamelessly asking for affirmation and nice words of encouragement.  I know, that’s a bit pathetic, but it’s the truth.  Hopefully I’ll get a little less awkward as I share more tutorials via video with you all!  

Nerves aside, I’m very excited for you to see how quick and easy it was to put together this picnic quilt for Harlow!






Full disclosure: I was provided with a free machine and have been compensated for the projects and tutorials I’ve created.  My opinions and thoughts are my own and cannot be bought.



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