I had grandioes plans for this post.  I really did.  It was going to be pretty and well designed.

But welp, I went on a date with this guy instead.


So you’re getting the “wake up before the toddler and get this post up” version.  #sorrynotsorry :)

There are three — count’m THREE fun things to share with you today.  These three things all have to do with pacifier clips.  You probably didn’t even know that pacifier clips could be cool enough for three announcements, but well, they are!!

We have our second sale going on at Brickyard today!  We sold out of pacifier clips during the one-day fundraiser sale, so we decided to give y’all another chance to snatch them up again for a bit of a discount!  As you can see from the photo above, Harlow happily resorted back to a pacifier for some photos — she acted like I gave her the best present, ever!  Crazy toddlers — but my sweet and gorgeous niece couldn’t be cuter showing us the leather pacifier clips in action!

Unlike that last Brickyard sale, we are offering the option to use your own handwriting!  This option is one of my favorites — I often get handwriting jealousy.  Y’all have the coolest handwriting!  You can see from the images below, examples of the standard handwriting font, and the handwritten ones!


Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I was laying in bed a few nights ago, unable to sleep, when the idea hit me to start using colors alongside our clips!  Then couple that with October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the fact that I adore the etched white patent leather….  A Limited Edition clip was born!  Until these clips sell out, they will be available here.  $10 from each clip will go directly to the Susan G. Komen Foundation — and there is no added cost to use your own handwriting!  All included for this one. 


Colors for Kids

I’m seriously so excited for this announcement, y’all.  If you’re new around here, you may have missed when all of you raised over $2,500 for the Kidmia Foundation.  Kidmia means “priority” in the native language of Ethiopia, and they are doing just that for these children.  I love this organization and what they are doing, and while I wish I could just fund every domestic adoption for them, I am able to do something small.  And something I’ve been learning over the past few months is that small matters.  

So from now on, every time you order a pacifier clip and choose a colored elastic, $10 will be donated to the Kidmia foundation$20 if you choose your own handwriting!


whoosh! Okay! I’m signing off to go snuggle with my toddler — it’s pouring and dark here today, so I’ve decided that we’ll be watching Pirates of Penzance, drinking “hot” apple cider, dreaming of seeing my sis/Aunt TeeTee this weekend, and just being lazy in general. :)

What are you doing on this Monday?  Do you have sun!? Or rain, like we do?



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