I loved playing with my dolls as a child.  Store bought dolls, handmade dolls; dolls that looked like me, dolls that were the complete opposite.  I remember when the American Girl Doll magazine would come each month.  I would stare at each page, pretending that I had all of Samantha’s matching clothes and accessories.  In my mind, she came alive and off the page.  I wanted so badly to have each matching dress, so I could take her everywhere and match, of course.

Last time we were home in La Crosse, my mom showed me a book she’d picked up with knitted dolls.  I might have reacted the way I first reacted when I was told we were going to IKEA — the Swedish furniture store: “who on earth would want to buy Swedish furniture?!?!”  As I rolled my eyes and dragged my feet to the car, only to never. want. to. leave upon entering it’s pearly gates yellow doors.

So when I wonder where Harlow got her drama from….I don’t need to look far.

I digress.  This doll book!  I was hooked.  These dolls are adorable, quirky, and well, I needed to make one for Harlow.  Meet, LowLo.  


LowLo is the nickname that Harlow’s Aunt TeeTee gave her when she was first born.  It hasn’t been something we call Harlow, but I love it and it felt perfect for her little twin.  All of the clothing patterns in the book are knit, but I haven’t tackled any of those just yet!  I’ve been totally hooked on sewing Harlow little jersey dresses, and after making this one–more on it soon–I couldn’t resist scaling it down and making a dress for LowLo.

Harlow likes to say “me matchy LowLo.”  And it’s true, they do.  From the pigtails and red hair, down to well, their I see London, I see France…..LowLo even has matching pink undies knit right on.  In the photo below, Harlow is trying hard to find them and tell us what color they are for sure.  Priorities.


You can follow along with the adventures of Harlow and LowLo on my instagram — or #littlelowlo.





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