I had so much fun pulling together links for today!  I also happen to love this I picked up for Harlow.  I think Old Navy has some of for fall this season!  {Also? We LOVE our Mason Tumblers from the Mason Bar Company — they are running a sale right now!  Go get you some!}

I keep intending to write a few posts about the sort-of elimination communication that we did with Harlow, but, like anything with motherhood, perhaps, I don’t feel like an expert….so I don’t feel expert-y enough to share.  As you can see, I started and ended my “series” with one–count’m: ONE–post.  But I’ve had a few people ask recently about it, so this is the only book I recommend.  Besides being just plain interesting, it is written in such an encouraging tone–I think it’s a fun read even if you have no intention to venture into anything that elimination communication related at all!

Since we’re talking about toilets, this one is crazy.

One of my favorite shows to pull up for Harlow on the iPad are these 15 minute Sesame Street-ish Shows...that are entirely in Spanish.  {Rachael, I keep meaning to email them to you — so here they are!}  Harlow loves them, and I love that they are short.  I also love that she can count to 10 in Spanish and say a few others words as well!

I’ve been challenging myself to start small when it comes to helping — small matters.  It’s the reason I’m doing these and these.  And I would encourage you to check out these folks.

I’ve been looking for a way to organize our gadgets….UM.  Yes.  This.

You know I love robots — and these are so cute!

Annnnnnnnnd how cute are these?

This puzzle is crazy amazing — and way, way, way, way out of my price range for puzzles.  Still awesome though – still awesome.

I need to start writing letters and sending cards — these might encourage me to do that more.


Harlow’s best pal stayed at our place for a slumber party last week, and they had a blast pretending to be pirates the next morning.  I think I need to make another one, so they don’t have to fight about sharing — ooooh, toddlers.


Andy had to work late last Friday, so Harlow and I got our rain jackets and boots on to go meet him for a quick dinner…and a fro-yo treat, of course!  We got one for the three of us to split, but this photo pretty accurately depicts how it all went down.


I also got asked to go on a date by this handsome guy on Sunday.  We went to Meat & Potatoes — if you’re in Pittsburgh, put it on your must-list!  Delicious food, but an even more incredible atmosphere.  If you’re wondering why we went out…. here was my love letter I posted for all to see on facebook–enjoy. :)

WARNING: sappy, love post is following this disclaimer.

6 years ago today, after having moved to Pittsburgh just a few months prior, a tall, robot nerd asked me out on a date. “Sushi or sophistication?” was my selection for our meal, and of course, I don’t do classy, so sushi it was.

We had a great time. We really did, but when he texted afterwards telling me so, I resorted to my small, Christian college self–sure that everyone knew we’d gone on a date and would be talking about it … I never texted him back. {See? I told you, apparently I don’t do classy.}

Well, even though I was a total jerk, this nerd gave me a second chance.

5 years ago today, I thought we were going on a date just to remember how rude I was on that very first. You know, just to pour a little salt on the wound ;o) But low and behold, this robot nerd had something more up his sleeve, and he asked me to be his bride.

I am biased, I know, but I’ve never seen a ring I love more than my own. Not only does it symbolize our mutual love for creativity and the arts, but I often look at it and think, “I don’t deserve something so beautiful.”

I don’t deserve someone as wonderful, patient, handsome, kind, wise, and loving as you, Andy. But somehow you picked me. Thank you for giving me another chance, and thank you for choosing me. 


1, 2, 3….awwwww.  We are such dorks, I know!

Have any fun finds to share?  PSST!! We are running low on our Brickyard Buffalo sale…ends tonight! Snatch up a pacifier clip while they’re on sale — they rarely every go on sale!



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