Wednesday.  Hump day.  Stuck in the middle.

You may have just been reminded that today is just….Wednesday.  Isn’t it the worst when you go about thinking it’s Thursday or Friday…only to be knocked back down to the reality that it’s not. 

Well, in the spirit of bringing a smile to you face, I thought some every Wednesday-ish links would be a fun new addition around here.

Shall we?


Last night we went to this documentary.  I’m embarrassed that it took us this long to finally go see it, but I’m now urging you to see it too.  You can now request a screening near you — a theatre, campus, community center, etc —  I tell you this because you need to see it.  People need to see this film.  No one is making a dime from it, except the children who need it.  You can also follow along here, hear about their new documentary here or here.

I used to love all the emails I subscribed to.  You know, all that bacon.  I heard that’s the new technical term for it — not quite spam…because you technically asked to receive it, but just as awful and bad for you as spam.  It’s true!  Well one of my favorites was Uncrate.  When I started dating Andy and found that he subscribed too, it of course assured me that we were meant to be together…I kid. :)  But if you’re ever looking for crazy, techy, and nerdy gifts for a special someone, this site is fun to look through.  I mean, this is crazy.  Andy needs this.  And next time you ring the doorbell at my house…you might want to smile!

I recently found this website, and now I can’t stop looking at these.  I love this pair in particular.  And for Harlow?  stop with the cuteness.  #wewontstop

Back when we were planning our wedding, I looked at okay, I stalked wedding photography blogs.  I’m still known to forget time exists as I scroll through some of my favorites.  Both local and far, far away.

I shared this on facebook a few days ago, but Harlow and I are still listening a few times a day.  I get chills every time I listen.


Harlow has the most sensitive eyes ever.  If it’s bright in the least bit, she puts her arm over her face…..and usually ends up walking into something.  She’s decent about keeping sunglasses on, but finding a pair to stay on her little nose is hard work!  If you have any you suggest for toddlers…let me know!  Usually she takes mine, while I end up blinded by the sun.  I think these are pretty cute, but $20 feels steep for toddler sunglasses….because I know we’ll go through about 5 of them, am I right?

I’ve recently learned all about the amazingness that is ordering-enough-subscribe-and-save-items-to-then-get-20%-off-boomsauce.  Needless to say, we have a ton of various gluten free flours and things coming today, but twenty percent off, people.  Gluten free is expensive, so little things (obviously) make me happy. 

I love ordering online for things, but I love when brick-and-mortar stores knock it out of the park.  If you’re in the Pittsburgh area, you must check it out.


find anything fun and new this week? 



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