A nursery full of elephants and the colors grey and yellow.

When Diana told me her plan for Kaden’s nursery, I immediately began thinking about what I wanted to send for him.

I don’t have the right words to say this morning.  I am writing through tears even now.  When Kaden went to be with the Lord, I debated whether or not I should finish his quilt.  I was angry that he was gone — I still am.  I had prayed for Kaden the entire time Diana was pregnant — I was so excited to hold him and kiss his cheeks, but now I wouldn’t have the chance to do that.

Andy and friends encouraged me to finish this quilt for Diana, Sam, Bella, and Kaden — and Preston and Julian too.  It helped me process.  It gave me time to pray.  As I designed and created it, I often found myself crying silently, begging God to let us all wake up from this terrible dream.

But it wasn’t a dream.  Kaden is with his Heavenly Father, and we are here, ready to meet him when the time is right.  This quilt pattern will be made available, and a large portion of the profits will go to Kaden’s family.  I want Kaden’s quilt to continue giving on — to HHV-6 research, to other families grieving.

This quilt will be available with all the letters of the alphabet as the elephant’s ear — you can buy separately or all 26 varieties in one.  I’m working hard to get this pattern {and the knitting patterns!} made available to you all — if any of you specialize in doing this … please contact me!  I want to get these out to you all as soon as possible.


In all of my patterns and designs, I want to empower you to make and create.  To love someone who needs a little extra love that day.  To teach someone a new skill, so that they can continue sharing it with others.  I couldn’t and can’t go back in time and change what happened — as desperately as I want to.

I can’t dwell in the past or lose myself in the future, but I can choose to create and give and love on others in this way right now.




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