Sometimes I’m terrible at blogging in a timely fashion.  Whoops. 

I had such a fun time sewing dresses for Harlow this summer, and this leather-zipper dress is no exception.  I love how the pleats in the back look, and well the leather and zipper?  I’m hooked.

These photos are obviously a little bit old–I think it’s 30° this morning… womp womp–but I love how they turned out.  I was playing with my new 7D and trying to figure out all the settings.  Oh, that’s right — I’m still trying to figure out all the settings!  Ack!  These photos were from a fun birthday party we attended!


I love seeing Harlow’s personality reveal itself more and more.  At this party, I saw so much of myself in her — she would often go off by herself when she was overwhelmed with the number of people around.  She would play quietly, even wait for toys to become available, and then when she was ready, she’d head back into the group of crazy-awesome kiddos.

Goodness I love her.  And that baby daddy of mine.  swoon.





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