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Harlow and I boarded a plane on Sunday to visit my sister and her family in Minnesota.  It was a bit hectic getting ourselves totally ready to be away, as we ended up at urgent care for Harlow late the night before.  Thankfully everyone is feeling better, I woke up to my alarm, and the weather was actually decent for once.

We made it to the parking lot, where Harlow got pretty excited about the fact that she’d be riding a “school bus” to the airport.  She’s growing up way too quickly, but that is a post for another time.  After security and a stop for a bottle of water, we watched planes come and go until it was our time to board.

During take off, Harlow looked at me, asked if I was scared and then told me she would hold my hand.  My heart exploded and melted and this momma was a mess.

And now we’re hanging out in the tundra of Minnesota, and Harlow is absolutely in love with her cousin, Kadley.  It is so precious to see how much she loves holding her, singing to her, playing with her and just loving on her.  I can’t wait for her to be a big sister! {no, that is not an announcement!}

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On Monday, we had a bit of an adventure when we decided to take the girls to the gym to go swimming…and the car stalled and wouldn’t start about 2 blocks from home.  Thankfully, we were 2 blocks from home!  After sitting there for a bit to try starting it again and getting help pushing it to the side, we got AAA set up to come tow the car, but decided that we needed to get the babies to a warm house.  After calling the local police department to let them know we weren’t just abandoning the car, we started walking home with toddler and infant in tow.  To say we looked a bit helpless is probably an understatement, because in a matter of seconds we had cars pulling over offering us rides home.  We snagged one with a sweet neighbor of Bri’s, and started warming our fingers and toes inside.

Because we were then stranded, I was so excited when my friend Allison called and said she’d trudge all the way out to the suburbs to come see us!  We had a blast playing with her sweet kiddos, and I was so thankful for some time with her — not via text or phone, but huggable time with her.  Goodness I love her.

And now I’m going to nap on the couch I think.  Goodnight.



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