Have you ever been around people who just radiate joy?  People who light up a room with their smile?  People that you’d like to carry around in your back pocket?

I’ve met people like that throughout my life, but never have I met so many joy-filled people in one place.

Friends, welcome to the Hizzy.  

It’s what StitchFix lovingly calls their warehouse, and let me tell you — #hizzylife is where it’s at.  As you may know, I had the opportunity to visit StitchFix headquarters and warehouse, and I’ve shared a few photo snippets of my time with StitchFix — and told you a little bit about giftcards for the holidays!

Well today, I’m going to tell you a little more about what makes StitchFix so special, the perfect gift to ask for — or give! — and then in the spirit of giving, I’m going to give away some of my credit to 2 of you!

Let’s play a game, shall we?  Remember those picture games, where you pick out what is similar and what is different?  You know, like in the Highlights magazines at the dentist. “Find 10 things that are different about these two drawings.”  Today, I’d like you to find the common thread in these photos.  Ready? Go.

more smiles6smile4smiles3more smilesmore smiles5folding47-(1-of-1)smiles2smiles 1juan in a million72-(1-of-1)

Do you see that joy?  Yup.  Pretty difficult to ignore, eh?  It is also completely contagious, and all of us caught it pretty bad while we were there.

{Did you also happen to see the giant robot made of boxes?  Harlow saw that photo and yelled “mommy!!! A ROBOT!!!!” in my ear so loudly it’s still ringing.}

Because y’all they build robots from boxes, play awesome music, laugh a lot, challenge chatterboxes to not speak for a day — and they do all of this while taking incredible pride in the work that they do for all of us ‘fixers.

{They even humor crazy nordic-blondes when said blonde challenges a few of them to a fold-off.  Y’all.  We should all start taking photos of our folded fixes before we dive into trying them on — these folding artists are off the charts.}

folding clothesuh oh sharon

You see that gorgeous gal on the right?  That’s UhOh, as I like to call her, Sharon is what she goes by, and she is the Hizzy Boss Sauce, Leader Extraordinaire, and Most Joyful of Joy Givers in All the Land.  I know, I’m a total dork, but seriously — I miss these people!

We had the chance to walk around and meet every team at the Hizzy and learn about what they do.  Everything and everyone worked as such a cohesive team, it was incredible to see every piece involved in a Fix getting out the door!  One thing I noticed right away was how well spoken everyone was, what pride they had in their work, and how much they loved sharing all the little aspects of what they do with us.

It all boils down to this:

When you open your Fix and instantly feel like someone took the utmost care to pack a box of gorgeous clothes just for you… if you feel as if someone took time with each step, making sure it feel specials and unique each and every time you open that box.  If you feel like there is love and joy just oozing out of your Fixes each time you pull back the flaps….

You. Are. Right. 

I wish you all could see the love and care that goes into your fixes first hand.  I wish you all could see how much the StitchFix team at HQ and the Hizzy care about each and every one of you.  Hopefully you are able to see a small glimpse of it through these photos!  In my dream world, I would grab a videography team and walk through StitchFix HQ and Hizzy interviewing each employee and sharing this very special company with you all even more.  But until then, I’ll share with you a few additional things!

Giftcards!! If you realized you still need a few last minute gifts or you don’t know what to ask for — Ask for a StitchFix Giftcard.  Leave the styling up to the experts — give the gift of an expert stylist to someone you love!  You can order them here!

In case you were wondering, the joy doesn’t start or stop at the Hizzy.  HQ, StitchFix’s Headquarters, is full of another amazingly joyful, caring and hardworking team.  See?  HQ3HQ2HQHQ4

And now?  Let’s give some StitchFix love away! 

blogger smiles2blogger smiles105-(1-of-1)

Because I want to pass along the joy of StitchFix, I’m giving away $50 credit to TWO of you from my StitchFix credit.  Enter below!


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