This last monday evening, er wee hours of the morning, I had the rare privilege of photographing the birth of my friends’ daughter, Marion Annabel.  After having Harlow — and the blessing of having our emotions and experience documented — I knew that capturing this moment would be an incredible gift to others.  I had mentioned to Ashley about my dream to someday become a birth photographer, and she immediately said, “okay I’m due December 15!”

To say I was nervous was an understatement — I told them I would capture these moments, but what if nothing even turned out?  I’m super hard on myself.  I’m excited to grow and improve, but I do know that I tear up every time I look through these images, so I’m hopeful that some emotion was captured and is portrayed through these photos.

A warning to you all  — these photos are completely fine for work, but well, there are just a lot of photos.  {I had such a hard time choosing!}
Sorry, not sorry.


img_1851 img_1870 img_1908 img_1917 img_1932img_1901img_1948 img_1974 img_1988 img_1997 img_2000 img_2015 img_2020 img_2044 img_2140 img_2146 img_2150 img_2151 img_2170 img_2198 img_2200 img_2247 img_2284 img_2295 img_2328img_2351 img_2355 img_2357 img_2378 img_2379 img_2390 img_2406 img_2410 img_2421 img_2431 img_2432 img_2447 img_2492marion birthimg_2581 img_2597 img_2598 img_2665 img_2667 img_2674 img_2704 img_2709 img_2727 img_2735 img_2743 img_2745-2 img_2755 img_2771 img_2772 img_2780

Dustin and Ashley, thank you for allowing me to be present as Marion Annbel entered this world.  I was and still am immensely honored to have taken these photos and been there with you.  We love her so much already!



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