I’m becoming crazy emotional as I go through photos of this past year — I’m working on pulling myself together enough to make a family “yearbook” of sorts.  The thought of catching up makes me want to crawl into a hole, so I’m starting with 2013, and working to stay up to date with 2014, while I attack the years working back as well…

ah.  I need to quit thinking about the overwhelming thought of doing all of that and just focus on loving the memories these photos bring out.  This trip to Soergel Orchards back in early October, and I cannot believe how little she looks even just a few months ago!  As I write this post, I just finished up a Facetime call with Harlow, Andy and my amazing in-laws.  I literally count down the hours until I get to see her…from the minute I head to the airport.  I am always amazed by how much she grows up in just the short time I’m away for a few days at a time!  She told me her memory verse, all about what she did at Kids Club, and she even sang the new Christmas song she learned.

Uftdah.  I love her.



OH! Pssst!! Wondering what I kept?  Just the navy striped dolman shirt!  I loved the sweater, but couldn’t pull it off having no closure enough to keep it!  I LOVED hearing what you all thought of that fix — it was definitely a good one!!


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