If Harlow were making up her own version of My Favorite Things — the Sound of Music reference feels appropriate after last week — the following would definitely be included. 

  • yogurt
  • fruit of any kind
  • Minnie Mouse
  • puppy!
  • Sissy
  • “musit” box
  • hammer
  • dates with daddy

When two or more of those favorite things collide?  You’ve got one happy Harlow.  Home Depot’s Kids Workshops has become a favorite of ours — and I’m telling you all that you should start going.  Yes, it’s free.  No, they didn’t tell me to say this.  And no, Harlow isn’t five (like the signs say you are supposed to be).

This past weekend, Andy and Harlow let me tag along, so while they made a tic-tac-toe board, I snapped a few photos.  They had posters of January’s project — it is the cutest block calendar ever!  Mark it on your calendar now — and if you’re in Pittsburgh, come join us!


Harlow has a brave daddy — willing to hold the nail while the two year old hammers?  ummm no thanks! She also gets easily distracted by the other kids, as you will see, and usually continues hammering while staring…. it doesn’t end well.


I think she’s singing a Home Depot version of The Hills Are Alive….

Okay.  Not sure why I’m on a Sound of Music kick.  Speaking of kicks, I’ve finally convinced Harlow that we don’t need to listen to The Music Man 45,634 times a day, but now all she wants to listen to is Frosty the Snowman.

Oh, to be two.

What did you do this weekend?





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