2 days ago, my iPhone took a dive into a cup holder full of water.  It’s true.

It’s kind of a long and convoluted story that involves a stalled car, Minnesota winter temperatures, a frozen water bottle, a cup holder full of ice turned to water, and my poor, innocent, iPhone.

I know.  It’s a sad and somber story.  But I want to help y’all out in case you find yourself in the same dilemma as me.  

I googled, and I searched.

Said phone has been in bags of rice inside of DampRid for hours upon hours.

Said phone is still not turning on.  

I stated my sweet phone’s death on Facebook, only to learn from a very smart gal about an amazing little thing that comes with Wells Fargo credit cards.  It started a spiral of approximately 100 open tabs on my internet browser, finding out every available perk to each debit and credit card available.

So, after my googling and research, I’d like to share with you what I’ve found.  Chances are, you have some coverage you don’t even realize you have!

Purchase Protection

Take a look at the card you used to purchase your phone — or anything you’ve purchased that has been stolen or damaged!  After a tiny bit of research, I learned that our Costco American Express covers theft or accidental damage up to 90 days after the purchase.  Lucky for me, we are at day 73.

It looks as if almost all cards have a standard 90-day limit, but the maximum reimbursement varies.

Because we purchased our phones with a new contract, as most people do, our phone prices were at the subsidized prices.  What we will receive from Purchase Protection won’t cover the cost of a new phone, but it’ll put a dent in it, at least.

Extended Warranty

When I had an iPhone 4S, I found myself with quite a few lemons.  I was often at the Apple store with a phone that just would shut off randomly, a top button that quit working, and just random problems within that first year of warranty.  About a month after that first year was up, I found myself with a broken top button once again.  What I learned after a lot of phone calls today?  Our American Express Extended Warranty coverage extends your general warranty for another year!  I had no idea and simply used a broken phone for a year!

More details on Purchase Protection and Extended Warranty Info:
American Express // MasterCard // Visa // Discover 

Okay.  Now here is the one you ALL need to jump on now. 

The Cell Protection from Wells Fargo.

Are you ready for this mind-blowing information?

  1. Get a Wells Fargo credit card.
  2. Use it to pay for your cell phone bill.
  3. Use your phone with peace of mind. :)

Basically, with the Wells Fargo Cell Protection, in laymen terms, you get up to $600 to use towards a new cell phone for theft or accidental damages.  It covers the primary phone and 3 additional lines on your plan.  oh! And just a small $25 deductible — less than Apple care, and no additional annual fees or anything like that!

Whoosh.  So that’s the deal.  Unfortunately, we just learned about the Wells Fargo cards today, but I am excited to look into it more so that we are covered in the months to come!

So hurry up and check out your current protection status and what you can do to protect yourself in the future — you know… in case your phone decides to go for a swim or something terrible like that.

That’s my little holiday gift for you all.


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