Just had to share a little vintage Harlow on the blog — and a throw back to the warmer days of fall.


A few things that I think about when seeing these photos:

  1. Rachel is ridiculous.
  2. Can you believe how quickly Harlow’s hair has grown!?
  3. I need to make LowLo some new outfits — maybe a sweater to match some of Harlow’s winter wear?
  4. I have so many photos I’m sorting through in 2013 that I never got around to sharing.  Ugh. 

I might be throwing in a few “Memories of 2013” as I work on creating a yearbook of our last year — one of my goals for 2014.  Wish me luck!

I also have a very overwhelmed brain at the thought of a few things I’m going to sharing and posting soon…

  1. Patterns. Patterns and more patterns!  Knitting patterns and quilt patterns.
  2. Leather accessories for those patterns…more on that soon. ;)
  3. More tutorials!  Both sewing and knitting.
  4. A few new gluten free recipes that I’m loving.

I must like the number four today.  Oh well.

All and all, I’m really pumped to finally get these knitting patterns listed for y’all.  My heart is in the creation of new patterns and designs, and then I love seeing you create!  I will continue naming patterns after the people they are created for — so custom listings will be put back as well!

Okay.  I think that is enough that I am holding myself to for one day.

Off to fold some laundry dance to Frozen with my homegirl.  It’s so good to be home!

And now, a sweet little Harlow and her LowLo!

img-83-(1) img-78 img-80-(1) img-75 img-73 img-74-(1) img-70-(1) img-57 img-64-(1) img-63-(2) img-61-(1) img-58-(2) img-59-(1)


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