A straightener is one of those beauty products I never took time to learn how to use or even time to purchase.  I think for most, it’s a product must have, but for my stick straight hair, I just never found a reason to get one.

Well all of that changed after trying this ghd straightener.

I’ve known that curling hair was possible with a straightener, but it felt a little too complicated to learn how to use.  I wasn’t sure if I could achieve the loose curl I’ve seen result from a successful straightener curl!

Thankfully ghd has a library of videos and photos providing tutorials and hairstyle ideas!  After looking through the gallery, I found myself so excited to practice and try a few of the hairstyles.

I decided to first attempt a simple curl — I used this tutorial video.  I found that with the help of the video, I was able to create a more natural curl than I typically can with a curling iron.  (I did find that I struggled curling one side more than the other, but after a little practice, it went pretty quickly!)

img-18img-30img-20GHD straightener

I was really happy with the end result!


Do you use your straightener to curl your hair as well?  I was really excited to finally learn how to use mine to curl my hair — since I have the straightest hair known to man!


Photography by the stunning Rachel Rowland // facebook // instagram

Post in collaboration with GHD.  All opinions are my own.

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