Happy Monday, y’all!  This giveaway was going to be up before the sun came up this am, but I spent all day yesterday with a terrible stomach bug.

Not fun. 

Thankfully now, I’m keeping ice chips down and laying in bed with my laptop.  Not exactly how I had planned to spend my Sunday!

But I have something fun for y’all today!  You know how much I love Lily Jade — their designer diaper bags combine style and functionality in a whole new way.

One of their greatest features just doesn’t get enough love, so I want to share about my “ah ha!” moment I had while using my bag!  It’s their Baby Bag — and it’s a removable and washable organizing insert that accompanies their gorgeous bags.



At first, I didn’t quite understand how to best use it.  It snaps on each side of the interior of your bag, and creates a “new” interior that has more compartments and is removable — and washable.  I wanted to still utilize the compartments on the actual interior of my bag, but once I ignored those and used the compartments on the BabyBag — voila!  It all made sense to me!

The other thing I love is that this bag transitions from designer diaper bag to designer awesome bag. Since I’m not toting around diapers and bottles right now, I have found that removing the Baby Bag allows me to more easily carry bigger things I want to tote around — books, my DSLR, packed lunch and a picnic blanket.

It’s like the bag grows up with you… or something. :)  It just gets better with time!



Lily Jade has some exciting things happening in the next few weeks!  Next month, new bags will be available in new designs and styles for a lower price point.  These bags won’t be leather, but I’ve seen some sneak peeks…and they are gorgeous.  

If you have been eyeing a Madeline or Caroline bag, now is the time to buy it!  They are on sale right now, but the sale will end as soon as the new bags are made available!

Now how would you feel about the chance to win a Lily Jade Diaper bag?  Pretty awesome for a Monday, eh?? :)


Giveaway Details:

Lily Jade giveaway will run from 3/24/14 through midnight EST, 3/27/14.

Winner will receive a Caroline or Madeline bag of their choosing!  Provided by Lily Jade.

How to Enter!  ///  this giveaway is now closed.

1|| Like Lily Jade on Facebook — one entry, leave comment!

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6|| Leave a comment below sharing your favorite Lily Jade bag and color! — one entry

Entries will be manually counted and a winner will be chosen at random!  *If you submitted one comment with a list of your entries, no worries! We’ll track those too! :)*

Good luck!


Photos by the ALWAYS amazing, Rachel.  // facebook // instagram


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