Goodness! It’s been a while since sharing some keeps with you all!  Even though I’ve been a terrible StitchFix-sharer, it doesn’t mean I haven’t been loving them lately!  As the weather finally starts warming up — is it ever going to feel like spring!? — I probably be sharing a few more of them with you.

iPhone selfies on dreary winter days get old — photos outside in the sun are just so much more fun!


{style: Priya ||  designer: Pomelo}


{style: Alessandra || designer: 41 Hawthorne}

I have to say this Alessandra top just miiiight be my new pinch-hitter — my new favorite from …ever.  Well, until a new favorite comes along, right?

The colors are incredible, the length is perfect, and it is beyond comfortable.

The Priya top I actually didn’t like when I pulled it out of the box! These types of pieces are my favorite to receive — I love a great surprise love when I try on a piece I expect to not be a huge fan of.  This top is a perfect example of that happening!


Psst!  The Alessandra also is the most perfect compliment to my new Lily Jade bag!  They have made some amazing updates, and I’m excited to share the details with you soon!  {in the mean time, you can enter to win one here from Tori Spelling here!}


Have you tried ?  Check out my other fixes here, here and here.  There are more, but those are some of my favorites. :)  What have you been keeping lately?  What trends are you loving?  I’m obsessed with the bold back panel colors each of these tops have!  If you’ve posted about your recent fixes, leave a link! I can’t wait to see!


Photos by the ALWAYS amazing, Rachel.  // facebook // instagram


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