Writing this post makes is making me all weepy, gushy and obnoxious.

Do you remember when Harlow was such a baldy!?

Those sweet little wisps of strawberry blonde hair.  I remember my mom saying once, “it’s crazy to imagine what she’ll look like some day with hair!”  She couldn’t have been more right — I really never knew what color to picture her hair being one day — blonde? brown? red?  And while she might not have a ton of it, she certainly has more than she used to! I might be biased, but she’s the cutest gingersnap I know.

side by sidei-ZvCVmvN-X2Harlow stokke

I thought it would be fun to take a look back to yesteryear as we get hit with yet another polar vortex here in Pittsburgh.  How we go from 70° Tuesday to snow and 15° Wednesday is beyond me.  But the truth is that I would probably leave my Winter Kit on our Stokke all year long if Andy would let me — I just love it that much!

I’ve written before about how happy we are with our Stokke Xplory purchase.  As a one car, city-dwelling family, I honestly wish this thing had an odometer, so I could see just how many miles we put on it!

I love how well it has transitioned from when Harlow was an infant to now as she pushes past two and a half.  Actually, I think it’s transitioned from the day she was one day old — I think I have a photo.  One second.

Found it!

harlow 1 day old

Harlow.  The day she was born.   I’m not saying sorry to your twitching uterus.

Okay.  Pull it together, Kacia.

Anyway, I’ll hurry this along, so I can go weep in the corner about Harlow growing up too quickly.

img-112winter kitimg-98

I actually never thought we’d lower the seat–as we love how high she sits–but we decided to quickly lower it the day we snapped these photos before our walk to the park, and I love it!  She still sits fairly high, but now she’s able to climb into her seat by herself.

And if you’ve ever met Harlow, you know she loves to be independent! 

We love the concept and thought behind Stokke’s products — their products allow kids and babies to be at eye level with what is happening around them.  We used to joke that Harlow’s Xplory must have been made from unicorn hair, because she was content to sit and watch the world from it for what seemed like forever.  Unicorn hair, well thought out design, Norwegian to the core, and made with love — whatever it is, we’re in love. 

Climbing upimg-77img-83img-76Stokke

Have a happy weekend!





 Photos by the ALWAYS amazing, Rachel.  // facebook // instagram

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