There are times that call for the bells and whistles and there are times that call for the great guts.  I wanted to share with you all a few final thoughts about the Brother DZ1500 — although you will probably continue seeing snippets of this machine for a while to come because it has quickly become my favorite favorite favorite sewing machine!

This machine focuses on doing a few things well: it is a high speed straight stitch machine, so it is not bogged down by accessories or fancy stitches.  Accessories and fun stitches definitely have their place!  But don’t think that because this machine does straight stitches only that you aren’t able to create a lot with it!

We have accomplished so much together with this machine!  I want to walk through what we’ve created together — looking at specific features each project focuses on.


A Paperbag Style Skirt

We tackled creating a pattern for a simple toddler paper-bag style skirt.  This project can be easily modified for all sizes!  We went one step further and used a fleece lining, perfect for fall weather!  And made the skirt reversible!  Then we went even one step further and used this skirt to practice our free motion quilting to add something extra to the skirt!

The DZ1500 is great for consistent stitches in both apparel and quilting.  Because it’s focus is on straight stitches, it does those beautifully.


A Needle Felted Bunting

In this project, we explored the needle felting attachment included with the DZ1500 — it is ridiculously addicting!  We used wool felt sheets and canvas triangles to create this bunting!  I also showed how powerful this machine is by using leather as my bunting trim!

The needle felting attachment is the fun accessory included with this  machine, but you will notice that it’s is a heavy-duty attachment in this video.  So much of this machine is made of metal, and you can feel that by it’s heavy weight.  It’s not too heavy to move, but it is made to last.


Duvet Cover

We tackled a large project using a lot of bulk and fabric by making a duvet cover out of two flat sheets!  The speed and large workspace of the DZ1500 make a large project like this one so easy to tackle and conquer!  We took it further than a massive pillowcase by adding ribbons to tie to keep the down comforter in place.


Quilted Coasters || Part 1

I explored the basics of quilting with you all during part one of this tutorial.  We talked about some of the many designs you can create using your walking foot to quilt.  A walking foot can be pretty pricey — but it comes included with the DZ1500.

The thread tension can be edited and changed in a myriad of ways, so that you are assured in your stitch quality.  I love that I can have complete control over what my stitches look like — and because this machine isn’t computerized, my settings are still there after turning my sewing machine off for a while and returning to sew!


Quilted Coasters || Part 2

We added binding to our coasters using bias tape!  Bias tape is a great binding option for small projects — placemats, pot holders, coasters — because it comes ready to go!  It’s also wonderful for beginners because the pressed folds allow for easy seam lines to follow.

The open area of the DZ1500 and the easy-to-change stitch length makes adding binding a cinch!


This machine is a perfect option for those wishing to explore quilting and/or larger garments a bit more!  It is definitely a machine that challenges even the most experienced sewers, but it is great for beginners too!  It’s manual nature will definitely require a little more of a learning curve for things like thread tension and threading your machine, but nothing that is too difficult for anyone.

In case you’re wondering what I’ve been using it for — you’ll be seeing a few of these things very soon!

  • a duffle bag
  • 3 whole cloth quilts for our living room — one for Andy, one for me, and one for Harlow
  • a secret project…. which I will share when I can!
  • a few other quilting designs
  • pot holders for Harlow
  • and probably a million other things. :)

Excited to share more with you soon!


I was provided the Brother Designio DZ1500 for my tutorials and review.  All opinions are my own.

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