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Back in January, I realized a baby was on the way.  I found out one day before Harlow and I spilled the beans to Andy:  I do not know how I didn’t tell him sooner!  But I knew I wanted to involve Harlow in the announcement, even if she really wasn’t quite sure what all was going on!

I of course, in perfect first-trimester-exhaustion-with-a-toddler fashion, I waited until about 10 minutes before Andy was expected home from work on that Tuesday.


Maybe I can grab a permanent marker and a piece of computer paper.  Maybe I can coach Harlow to say she’s going to be a big sister when he walks up the stairs.  Maybe I wait and tell him tomorrow.  No. Way.  

It was in a moment of pregnancy genius brain or something that I realized I could use up a scrap piece of iron on vinyl I’d saved from a previous project to whip up a quick “big sis” shirt for Harlow using my ScanNCut.  I am so happy I kept all those scraps knowing that I’d find a way to use them in the future!  I grabbed a shirt I had on hand to mondify [but any old shirt would have been just fine!] and quickly got to work!

what-does-that-say-big sis


  • shirt
  • scrap pieces of iron-on vinyl
  • ScanNCut
  • iron
  • 5 minutes

big sis-66

1|| Take the scrap pieces of vinyl and place anywhere on your mat.  You can use multiple pieces too – just stick’m on there!

big sis-64

2|| Pick out the font/text/phrase/image/design you want to use for your shirt.  Use the background scan feature to find where you’ve place your vinyl scraps.

big sis-65

3|| Don’t forget to mirror the text when cutting out the iron on vinyl —  I honestly don’t know how my pregnancy-brain remembered to do that!  If you aren’t sure of your cut settings, test a few spots on your scrap pieces before cutting the vinyl text/image.

4|| Remove the negative space vinyl with your spatula.

5|| Iron the vinyl to your t-shirt per vinyl instructions.

6|| Wait for daddy to get home from work!!

big sis-18big sis-28big sis-39big sis-44big sis-46big sis-51big sis-52big sis-53big sis-56

(step 7: wipe Harlow’s nose and put the camera in video mode before daddy really does get home!)

And that was my last minute announcement for Andy.  Harlow was so excited when he walked up the stairs — especially when he was shocked!  She couldn’t stop giggling.  Ooooooh, toddlers and babies and the birds and the bees.


Happy Friday, y’all!  If you’re going to be at Quilt Market, I’ll be at the Brother International Booth with the ScanNCut!  Please stop by and say hello!  Or if you’re wondering if it’s me, I look like I am smuggling a bowling ball.  Truth. 


Also! A huge happy birthday to my Sister, Bri!!! 

I was sent the ScanNCut to review.  All opinions and projects are my own.

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