born harlow

Three years ago today, this little gal made me a mommy.

I could say all the usual — and believe me, everything they say about it going too quickly and learning more from your child than you could ever teach them is all true — but I can barely see through the tears as I pull up these photos and think about that little girl sleeping upstairs.  I can already tell that this year is going to be my favorite birthday yet.  Harlow is so aware of what today brings: she told me would only grow a little bit today though.  She’s still tiny, she says.

She wrecks me.

She whispers, “you are my most favorite,” so many times a day I can’t even count.

We love you, Harlow London.

We had no idea the adventure we were in for when you came into this world three short years ago.

We had no idea the things you would teach us.

We had no idea how much you’d change us.

I thought I knew what love was, but I really had no idea until you came along.


Harlow is three-3Harlow is three-2Harlow is three


Harlow is three-21Harlow is three-26Harlow is three-20

And so many moments between!

It was getting a little out of control…the number of photos I was grabbing to add to this post, so I filtered a bit. ha.  It would have been a long post.

Okay. Let’s be honest: it’s still absurd the number of photos below, but I tried to filter and was left with these.  #sorrynotsorry :)

yawnsIMG_1180IMG_0447IMG_8737IMG_8095-1IMG_0612IMG_9826IMG_9964IMG_0319IMG_3144IMG_3145IMG_5807IMG_5707IMG_2381IMG_2194Raas-Harlowi-GTQczsJ-X2IMG-70-X25374059a88af11e19e4a12313813ffc0_7c058f4e4033a11e28d0622000a1e86a4_7IMG_7288harlow3IMG_5354Harlow is three-15Harlow is three-8Harlow is three-4Harlow is three-7Harlow is three-13Harlow is three-16little harlow1Harlow is three-14Harlow is three-5harlow hatsHarlow is three-6PicMonkey Collage.jpgHarlow is three-27Harlow is three-31harlow little1Harlow is three-33harlow

Your smile is infectious.

Your joy is contagious.

Your laughter is unmistakable.

You are precious and perfect and a wild mess of a little girl.  We are so blessed by you.

Happy Birthday, Harlow!




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