Today marks 25 weeks!  Just a few fun memories to record.

  • I told my midwife last week that I must have lazy babies in utero.  Harlow didn’t kick or move much, and her baby brother is following suit.  I’m so thankful for our little at-home doppler I bought on ebay when I was pregnant with Harlow!  Not only is it fun to listen to the “heartbeep” with big sister, but it’s been great for my peace of mind.  Baby brother definitely has more dance parties at night than Harlow ever had, however.  I’m really hoping that’s not a foreshadowing of how our nights will be after he gets here!
  • Andy finally felt him kick on Monday!  Every time I was sure he’d keep kicking, the minute Andy would put his hand on my stomach…. notta. zilch. forget about it.  I’m so happy baby boy finally cooperated! 
  • I’m a bit tired.  Not crazy tired, but afternoon hits, Harlow’s napping, and the minute I start to think, “attack all the things on the to-do list!”  My brain says, “SLEEP! You can’t think or your brain will explode.”  Annnnnnd sometimes I listen to that silly brain of mine.  The other day, Harlow and I both napped for 4 hours.  Whoops!  Guess we are still getting used to being outside in the summer sun!



  • Even though the sleep truck hits me quite often, we are trying to get outside as much as possible.  I feel this strange duty to walk whenever possible given our choice to live in a city neighborhood.  We consider our stroller our second car, and if I can make it there in 30 minutes, I try to work it in.  Yesterday we walked to Harlow’s pediatrician appointment, down to the River Walk Water Steps, and then back to the playground to meet daddy.  Oh! Did I mention that we live on quite a good hill?  That exhaustion thing hit hard when my head hit the pillow last night!
  • When I was pregnant with Harlow, I tried to hold off on maternity clothes.  I wore regular tops way too long and ended up ruining a few of them.    Now I just ask myself why did I wait!?  I am planning on wearing maternity pants to every major holiday from here on out.  This time around?  I bought a nice pair of maternity jeans about 8 weeks in.  Comfort people.  Comfort comfort comfort.  



  • This being pregnant in the summer thing is an all new ball game for me.  I wish there was a way to wear sweats and big sweaters in the 80º heat, but well, that wouldn’t be so comfortable.  We are spending a lot of time in our backyard with the kiddie pool and the sprinkler.  And sneezing in the sun, of course.  (Anyone else sneeze when they go outside in the sun?  Harlow sneezes a few times every time we step outside and the sun makes her squint — without fail!  
  • I’m enjoying knowing that we are having a boy! We loved the surprise of waiting until Harlow’s arrival, but it’s been so great experiencing both sides of the fence.  Coming from a family of all girls, I’m still in shock that we are expecting a boy.  I’m nervous, but so excited.  
  • We are planning on having Harlow and ——- (you didn’t really think I’d spill on his name, did you?  Although it’s been difficult, because we often refer to him by name at home!  I know I’m going to mess up one of these days!) share a room after he’s out of a bassinet in our room.  I think I have a color palette in mind, but I’m struggling with details.  I’ve got time, but I know I’ll probably keep saying that until the nesting comes out full force….and then it’ll be a race against the clock.  



  • Can I just get some fist bumps and high kicks for pre-natal vitamin hair?  Or is it the pregnancy hormones?  Whatever it is, I’m soaking it up and counting down the days until I finally chop it into that pixie I’ve been pining for again…



  • Her.  The big sis.  The one who made me a mama.  Her excitement and love for this little guy blows me away.  We recently met our friend’s son, (who happens to share a birthday with my Harlow London!) and I realized it’s going to be difficult to get any cuddle time with this little guy: she’s planning on hogging it all!


And seriously.  If he is anywhere near as boring as she is….

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