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8am || The birthday girl is greeted with a morning wake-up song of Happy Birthday from mommy and daddy.  She probably would have slept longer, that little sleep-lover of mine.  (She totally gets that from Andy!  I would never sleep if I didn’t need to!)

After excitedly remembering that it was her birthday, she politely asked for “do-durt and bewwies, pwease.” (Translation: yogurt and berries)  “And the news.

During the dreadful winter mornings, my favorite lazy morning consisted of breakfast, cuddles and the Today Show.  Of course her birthday wish was granted and the news was turned on while we ate our breakfast.

birthday recap

10am || Brownie baking!  My best helper made the best gluten-free brownies in the land.  (Pardon our “backsplash.”  We have yet to install the subway tile after putting in new countertops!)


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10:30am || We ventured outside for some 3 year old pictures and an interview.  A lot of running and giggling and a few pouts along the way.

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In case you were wondering if she was always happy…. 

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11am || Birthday craft!  I picked up a quick craft at JoAnn Fabrics a few days prior since the weather forecast for her birthday was looking pretty bleak.  We had so much fun putting together her foam owl house and tree, but not before a little camera-clicker fun was had!

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Interrupted by a birthday facetime call from MorMor and Babu!  (And a chip break.  She is so my daughter…goodness I love chips.)

birthday recap-8

She asked me to make faces with her….she really had to twist my arm

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We also got to chat with Harlow’s birthday twin, Ethan!

birthday recap-23

I don’t know if anyone can top a 3 year old birthday conversation in the cuteness scale.  It was kind of ridiculous.  (And thank you to his mama, “Co-wi,” for nabbing this shot!  I am keeping it for their wedding slideshow.) :)

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noon || Right as we were sitting down for Harlow’s birthday lunch — mac’n’cheese with “freeze peas” (frozen peas) per her request — the doorbell rang.

birthday recap-16

She was beyond ecstatic when the flower delivery man said he had some flowers for a Harlow London.

That’s me!  I Harlow Lomson! It’s my birfday!!

My other favorite moments:

  1. As she read her Happy Birthday balloon to me, pointing at each word and insisting it said:  “I love you, Harlow.”
  2. When I read the card and told her they were from daddy, she insisted they were “from the man.”  She finally understood that daddy asked the man to bring them to her, but it took a bit of explaining to get there.
  3. Her confused state when the balloon wouldn’t float to the ceiling.  “It not working, mama.”  Sorry girlfriend, not all balloons are that fancy.

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5 pm || After a sort of nap — she mostly just told all of her dolls and animals about her birthday and sang them every song she knows — we went to pick up daddy for our date!  She had been talking about her birthday date all day, even to the UPS man when he dropped off a package at the door.  She was a bit excited, and from the photo above, you can probably see why.

This girl loves her daddy. 

birthday recap-18

After a MadMex dinner, we walked over to our favorite Frozen Yogurt stop in Oakland.  Of course we had a bit of fun along the way.

birthday recap-19birthday recap-20

Someone spotted the fro-yo…..

birthday recap-21

This girl can dominate ice cream like it’s her job.  She ate all of that and some of ours.  Fruit and sprinkles —for my birfday– were her request.

birthday recap-22

Way past her bedtime || We got home and facetimed some family to open gifts that they’d sent.  Harlow might be the best gift-opener in history: gushing in thank you’s and compliments about each thing.  Her favorite for sure was her new “amuwance” from MorMor and Babu.  It has been pretty busy picking up all sorts of hurt Play Mobil people and animals since it’s arrival!

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Friday am || Andy surprised Harlow with a matching Stokke Tripp Trapp for her baby dolls.  She is absolutely in love with it — and I am absolutely blown away by Andy’s talent once again!  He worked some pretty late nights finishing this chair up for her, and I know it’ll be a staple in our home for years to come.

birthday recap-25


birthday recap-4

Sunday || We surprised Harlow with her first show: Singing in the Rain.  I am the proudest mama since she usually chooses to watch one of her favorite classics (The Music Man, Mary Poppins, Singing in the Rain, Pirates of Penzance) over Frozen when given the option.  Makes my musical-Broadway-loving-mama-heart so so so happy!

I wish I could have recorded her reaction at the theatre.  She was so excited to dress up, and couldn’t stop talking about how beautiful everything was.  She sat on the edge of her seat the entire time, hands poised and ready to clap the minute the song was over.  She often knew what song would follow, leaning over and asking, “now Moses Supposes song, mommy, right?

I know I’m pregnant and emotional, but goodness I had to fight back tears a few times.  She makes my heart melt.  I mean, just look at that smile.

birthday recap-3

We’ve had fun opening more gifts and celebrating since–including a wonderful time with Andy’s family at their cabin the past few days–and you’ll see pictures pop up I’m sure — I promise to cool it with the birthday posts from here on out, though. :)

There was just so much about this birthday I wanted to remember!  Harlow was so aware of the day, so aware of her new age, and and so aware what the day meant.

I would love to slow down time, if I could, but if this start to age 3 is any inkling about how much better it gets: bring it on. 



Oh! PS:  I’ve had a lot of people asking about the Wild and Three shirt I made for Harlow.  I will make a handful of these, but I’m only going to do a quick run of them — I’ll be ordering the shirts soon!  Please email me or leave a comment below if you’re interested.  xo!



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