Ah!  I keep telling you that “this project is my favorite” …but then I change my mind.  I guess I’m a fair-weather tutorial fan, but I won’t say sorry.

I’m really excited to share this Etched Leather Pocket Wallet with you guys today! (Okay, who am I kidding…I’m always really excited to share tutorials with you — I’m such a dork about this type of thing!)  I love the clean lines and simple design — and besides that, they are so easy to make!

If were wondering, yes, just like the Even Better Box Bags… I kind of got a bit carried away.  I can’t stop making them!

Coconut Robot Pocket Wallet-31Coconut Robot Pocket Wallet-50

I was inspired by a money sleeve that Andy has to hold his money clip.  I wanted something extremely slim and thin — perfect for my ID and a bit of cash when we walk to the park or for a few essentials when we head out on a family bike ride.  There are times for the purse and there are times for the pocket wallet.  At least that’s what I think. 

This project consists of two parts: etching the leather using my ScanNCut machine and creating the actual pocket wallet.  I have pattern downloads (both FCM and PDF) for you at the end of the post as well!  Let’s jump right in.  


Coconut Robot Pocket Wallet-57



  • Brother ScanNCut machine
  • Standard mat
  • Standard and/or deep cut ScanNCut blade
  • Leather (I used 1/16″ thick upholstery leather and patent leather)
  • Pocket Wallet Patterns // free download at the end of the post! (both FCM and PDF)
  • Sewing Machine and Thread
  • Leather Sewing Machine needle
  • Text or design to scan in and etch (or you can use the built-in ScanNCut designs)

Note about leather: thrift stores are a great place to source leather, especially patent leather.  Find a coat, purse, chair, etc and cut up to use the leather! 


PART ONE: Etching the Leather

Choose etchCoconut Robot Pocket Wallet-4

1|| Decide how you want to etch your leather: do you want to add a name or phrase?  Do you want to create a repeating pattern?

Repeating pattern:


Select a built in or scanned design.  Rotate, resize and repeat into a pattern.


Group the smaller sections, and duplicate as space allows.  Rotate, resize and arrange until you are happy with your design.


Scanned text:

Coconut Robot Pocket Wallet-6

Scan draw image or written text into your ScanNCut machine to create vector file.  Using the background scan feature, arrange the text by rotating and resizing until desired placement is achieved.



2|| Test etch settings for your leather.

My favorite settings:

  • Deep Cut Blade
    • Blade Depth: 1
    • Pressure: 0
    • Speed: 1
  • Standard Blade
    • Blade Depth: 2
    • Pressure: 0
    • Speed: 1

You will find that different leathers respond to the difference in the standard vs. the deep cut blade.  Test a small section of your leather until the desired effect is achieved — you want to lightly score the top of the leather, not cutting too deep as to weaken the leather.

Speaking of settings.. I’ve created a blank Material Settings Cut Journal for you to download and print — I find that keeping a log of my favorite settings and materials is a must.  

Watch how I etched the leather here!


PART TWO: Constructing the Pocket Wallet

Coconut Robot Pocket Wallet-71Coconut Robot Pocket Wallet-26

1|| Download the Pocket Wallet Patterns and open saved file on your ScanNCut machine.  Using the background scan, arrange pattern piece in place on leather.

*My favorite settings for cutting 1/16″ upholstery and patent leather:

  • Deep Cut Blade:
    • Blade Depth: 9-10
    • Pressure: 5
    • Speed: 1
  • Standard Blade:
    • Blade Depth: 9
    • Pressure: 8-9
    • Speed: 1
    • run twice

*these settings will vary greatly depending on thickness of leather!  Download the Cut Settings Journal

Coconut Robot Pocket Wallet-10

2|| Cut Pocket Wallet pattern of choice

And it’s time to sew!  Be sure to sew slowly and use a new, leather needle!


3|| Top stitch along the angled sides of both pieces.  This step is optional, but I think it makes the Pocket Wallet look much more polished and finished!

Coconut Robot Pocket Wallet-63

 tip: using painters’ tape, make 1/8″ guide on your sewing machine.

Coconut Robot Pocket Wallet-64


Coconut Robot Pocket Wallet-65

4|| Measure 3.5″ from the square side of the larger pattern piece.


Coconut Robot Pocket Wallet-67

5|| Fold over the angled edge and hold in place.


Coconut Robot Pocket Wallet-68

6|| Arrange second pocket as you wish.  Hold in place.


Coconut Robot Pocket Wallet-69

7|| Beginning at the bottom corner and using 1/8″ seam allowance, sew around the perimeter of the Pocket Wallet.  I like to backstitch at each pocket just to reinforce.


Coconut Robot Pocket Wallet-72

Clip your stray threads and leather frays, and your leather Pocket Wallet is ready to go! (You can view the construction of the Pocket Wallet here)

Coconut Robot Pocket Wallet-33

 Watch the entire tutorial and step-by-step video here!






And now just have fun!

Mix colors…

Coconut Robot Pocket Wallet-38

Use a permanent fabric marker on the patent leather to darken the etch lines…

Coconut Robot Pocket Wallet-37

Use the built in border designs to create patterns…

Coconut Robot Pocket Wallet-10Coconut Robot Pocket Wallet-11

Use up your leather scraps!  You can background scan and see exactly where to place your designs…

Coconut Robot Pocket Wallet-13Coconut Robot Pocket Wallet-14

Use iron-on vinyl to embellish…

Coconut Robot Pocket Wallet-40

And the list goes on and on! 

Guys, I’ve probably made ten in just the past few days.  I really can’t stop.  If you don’t think your machine will sew through leather, head over to your local fabric store and grab some upholstery vinyl (check the remnants bins!) — it’s much easier to sew, won’t fray and is just as fun!

Let me know what you think — what your favorite design and embellishment?  I’m loving the mint — and paired with the brown it’s gorgeous too.  But that goldenrod yellow is stunning!  

See? I told you I loved these little things!

Let me know if you have any questions or problems — and if you make some… be sure to tag me or email me, so I can see! And cheer you on!


How-to-Make-an-Etched-Pocket-WalletCoconut Robot Pocket Wallet-33Coconut Robot Pocket Wallet-52Coconut Robot Pocket Wallet-53Coconut Robot Pocket Wallet-19


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