If you follow me on Pinterest, you might have caught on to my latest obsession: a hanging baby bassinet.  There is just something so airy and perfect about them.  

As I look at our master bedroom — where we’d have the bassinet — it just seems to be begging for a bassinet to be hanging from it’s high ceilings.  

I find myself searching high and low: completely inspired and discouraged at the same time!  I find bassinets that I absolutely love…  only to find that

  1. They are only available in Europe or Australia.  Why is everything so much more amazing across the pond?
  2. They are pins that simply end with an image.  No website, no information, no nothing. 
  3. They aren’t available anymore. 
  4. They are a prototype design….not available to little ‘ole me. 
  5. Um…..dollas. dollas. dollas. dollas. dollas.  Uftdah. 

Of course all of these roadblocks have me thinking perhaps these beautiful bassinets are more to look at…less for use?  Perhaps the safety of them is of concern and they are pulled from inventories or never allowed on to the shelves. 

So as my dream of having one hanging in our master bedroom gets more dim and faint… I’ll just continue obsessing with photos and pins to my baby board.  

Here are some of my favorites!  (if you know the source to any of these, please let me know – I was able to hunt down some.)

Hanging Bassinets2

one || two || three || four

Hanging bassinets3.jpg

one || two

Hanging Bassinets

one || two || three || four

what do you think?  Have any of you used a hanging bassinet for your babe?  I don’t know if I’ll have the guts to purchase one without hearing from someone who has actually had one for their babe — would love to hear your thoughts!  

Okay..back to the google to see what else I can find!

xo & Happy Friday!


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