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I cannot wait to see Harlow as a big sister. 

Every morning, without fail, the first thing she asks,

We listen to baby’s heart-beep, please?

(Well, right after she makes sure she can have yogurt for breakfast.  Homegirl wakes up hungry!)

She gives him kisses throughout the day, and usually pretends that he’s kicking her when he does, and talks about him to anyone who will listen.  

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I love “catching” her in the middle of her mother moments.  She turns into a pile of giggles when she sees me looking.  

From reminding her babies to “eat your bites,” to singing her favorite lullabies or teaching them her memory verses from church, to “burrito-ing” them in under their blankets, I am amazed at how innate her little mama skills are and how much she loves to show them.  

Yup.  Tearing up as I write this.  Goodness, you pregnancy hormones, you. 

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So when I asked her if she’d like to test out her baby brother’s new travel crib, she was beside herself.  

And then when I had it set up in about 20 seconds with one hand, I stood there a bit shocked.  Okay, a lot shocked.  I had heard from everyone how amazingly simple and easy this playard is to set up, but I honestly hadn’t realized how how easy it is.  For the past three years, I’ve been on portable crib set up and tear down duty — Andy would happily go clean all the bathrooms to avoid this dreaded task….until now. 

Now I have a feeling we’ll be fighting over who gets to be awarded with this task!

Yup.  I’m a breeze believer.  

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After getting her babies all settled, sung-to and sleeping for their naps, Harlow turned on the charm and asked if she could sleep in brother’s new “twavel cwib.”

She really had to twist my arm.  

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I was able to carry the breeze up the stairs while holding Harlow’s hand, and we set it up in mommy and daddy’s room — I figured it would take advantage of her napping elsewhere and tidy up and organize her room a bit!

I was amazed at how comfortable she looked in the breeze — it definitely has a bigger sleeping space, and my lanky toddler slept for almost 4 hours!  I also love that the mattress cover is waterproof, as we are definitely in a hit or miss stage of sleeptime accidents.

She sang for a while and then “read” for a bit before her epic nap.  I would say it was a success! 

So if my gush-fest and photo insanity didn’t convince you enough: I am a breeze believer through and through.  And I will happily yell that from the rooftops!  

I am feeling the nesting coming on even earlier with baby brother, and I’m so anxious to meet him and watch Harlow put all of her big sister practicing to good use!   

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